Motivating, Educating and Inspiring runners in the South.

We are THE running, health and wellbeing experts.

Educating, Motivating and inspiring runners become the runner they really want to be.

We have a history of working with runners of all abilities.

Helping them to enjoy and improve their running, no matter what their goals are.


But this isn’t all we are interested in.


Many people start running with the goal of losing weight.


But many fail, losing confidence quickly and find themselves running without focus.


Others start with performance goals, aiming for that new personal best.


But stumble with how to turn these dreams into a reality.


We specifically help runners in situations like this by:

  • Improving their running fitness and technique, helping them become faster and more efficient


  • Gain more confidence and motivation through improved knowledge and


  • Become truly happy with themselves and their running ability – it’s not always about times and miles – we focus on the individual (you) and what you really want to achieve.



Just imagine lining up at your next event or just heading out on your training runs feeling ready to take on the world!


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What is it we are so good at?:

121 Training

The quickest way to improved running. Just you and the coach, 100% dedicated to you and your goals.

Group Training

Small, focused groups. Each course is still focused on you, the runner, getting incredible results.

Online Training

Bespoke programs that fit around you. Whether you are aiming for your first run or 100th marathon, we can create a training plan to help you improve.

Running Weekends

Small groups, plus our coaches for a whole weekend of education, socialising and running.

Sports Massage

Tired, achy legs? Or do they just need some TLC. Run specific massage from RunCamp to help your legs recover faster and feel less fatigued.

FREE Motivation Group

The online, motivational group specifically for runners. The go to place for advice, socialising and a monthly challenge to keep you on your toes!


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