3 reasons why I love to set a New Years Resolution

09 Jan 3 reasons why I love to set a New Years Resolution

There’s been a lot of Resolution shaming recently.


The fitness world loves and hates them.


There was a time where you simply HAD to have one. If you don’t have a goal – you won’t be going anywhere.


And then more recently, if you have a goal or a New Years Resolution – you are likely to fail. Because some study looked into it and found that most people gave up.


Which is blooming confusing right.


So I’m going to tell you about things from my perspective.


I encourage everyone I work with to have a goal, a New Years Resolution or however you want to word it. And here are the THREE main reasons why”


  1. It creates a roadmap.

    You have a destination: “I want to lose weight” as broad as it sounds, at least shows direction. In the same way “I want to run faster” tells me a slightly different roadmap.

    But you do need to add detail. Why do you want to run faster? When do you want to run faster by. And what does faster look and feel like. Then the ultimate one, HOW are you going to make it happen?

    If you currently run 3 times per week, continuing to run 3 times per week isn’t going to cut it… Perhaps a fourth run, perhaps a speed session each week, maybe a strength session? Each of these suggestions add a slightly different element which will push you towards your target.

    If you’d like a worksheet to download, checkout the RunCamp Treasure Chest below which contains the very worksheet I use with many runners, plus a whole load of other goodies too:

  2. It’s motivating…

    If you use it right. In the RUN365 group, many of us have been doing Runuary which involves exercising every day for 15 minutes. This small commitment each and every day might not sound like its enough to stimulate change, but you can see from how everyone is talking about running and things like their feelings even down to their weight on the scales is starting to change.

    There is a cumulative effect, we didn’t start Runuary to run faster, or necessarily to lose weight, but the effect of the challenge has had a knock on effect in other areas of people’s lives. Pretty awesome right.

    Doing something small each and every day has been something I have tried to do personally and with each person I write training plans for. It results in less pressure, i.e. I’m not asking you to go to the gym for 2 hours per day, but I am asking you to dedicate 15 minutes to some strength exercises at home.

    This doing something everyday has seen great results in those I coach which is why I know it was always going to help those that jumped on board with Runuary.

    If you missed out on Runuary – don’t worry, why not set up your own mini challenge and aim for 15 minutes per day of exercise.

    For example, Day one run, Day two stretch/mobility, Day three run, Day four strength etc…

    Next month we are creating a brand new challenge, so check out an join the group and get ready for February:

  3. You feel GREAT

    That feeling you get at the end of a even you’ve been looking forward to for so long is amazing right? You never forget crossing that line of your first 5k, 10k and so on.

    Imagine having that feeling each month, or each week?

    With many resolutions, they span a year – “I’m eating less chocolate this year”, “I’m saving more money this year”, “I’m going to be eating more fruit and vegetables this year”

    But what about a monthly or even weekly goal?

    “This week I am going to eat an extra piece of fruit/vegetable each day”

    “This week I am going to exercise every day”

    “This week I am going to drop chocolate except for Sunday where it’ll be my reward”

    That slight change means that it’s easier to stick to during the week, plus you can set a reward at the end of the week too.

    Keep it small and concise and achieve it.


Three reasons why I love setting a New Years Resolution – No you shouldn’t give them up, but yes, you do want to tweak them slightly.


Set shorter term targets, have a roadmap on where you want to go and most importantly as yourself for each goal:


And I’m positive you’ll enjoy the process of having goals/New Years Resolutions even more.



Coach Ant.


P.S. For extra Motivation, why not check out RunCamp: Under Construction (aka RCUC). This 12 week program not only has sessions written up by me, but also includes daily advice and tips to go along with the program. I’ll be on hand to help you out with anything running related and we’ll even clearly define your goals too.

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