5 Tips To Improve Your Diet

16 Mar 5 Tips To Improve Your Diet

We love helping runners get faster. One of the key ways many of us can run faster is to actually drop lbs, whether its a couple or slightly more.


The added benefit of this is that you can actually help yourself run faster without even adding running, which sounds like a pretty awesome way to do things if you ask me.


We’ve been in contact with a number of runners who kick started their year with adding running into their weekly routine for the first time. Many of whom noticed some big changes in their body shapes, confidence and importantly running speed too.


This quick and often rapid weight loss at the start of anyone’s running journey is usually down to a new stimulus entering your weekly routine.


It makes you feel great.


But what happens when the weight stops dropping and the scales plateau?


This is a common frustration when it comes to running and weight loss.


One quote from an email from a reader of our emails, Helen:

“I’m running 3 times a week and the scales won’t move, and I don’t have time to run anymore. What would you recommend that I do? I’m currently training for the Southampton Marathon, my first one and I’m worried that I’m making my body work a lot harder than it needs to”


So, Helen, thanks for the question, the reason your weight loss has stopped is due to a couple of reasons.


  1. Your body has adapted to the running you are doing and now finds it a lot easier to run 3 times a week compared to when you first started and found it really hard. This means you won’t be burning as many calories as you were when you first started and you need a new stimulus to improve your running and calorie burning potential.
  2. You are still eating the same way you always have. If you want to lose weight and then maintain it, you have to make slow and sustainable changes to your diet as well. Activity burns calories but if you are eating more calories than you need then those scales will not move!


If you are ready to make some changes to your diet that will mean you lose weight and maintain it too, feel happier and healthy than you have in years then below are a few ideas, some of which we have taken directly from the TLR90 programme we have created.


You can check out more details on that by clicking below:

Click to find out more about TLR90


Here are our Top 5 Tips to Improve your Diet


  1. Drink plenty of water.
    Aim for at least 1.5-2L of water each day and you will soon start seeing the following benefits:
    You’ll be hydrated meaning your body will be functioning as it shouldHeadaches will be reducedYour skin will be glowingImproved concentration. This is a big one if you are a busy person with a high pressure job, better hydration = better focus at workYou’ll have more energy and reduce feelings of tiredness.
  2. Get 7-9 hours sleep each night.
    Sleep is on the same level of importance as nutrition and exercise when it comes to weight loss, improving your health and your performance.A good amount of quality sleep will help you recover from exercise and the stresses of everyday life, as well as being happy and mentally focused.
  3. Add veg – Lots of it.
    They are really low in calories so you can eat lots of them and your body will love you for it. They are also really high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients meaning lots of awesome health benefits too.
    So ensure that you put lots of vegetables on your plate and make it as colourful as possible.
  4. Eat protein at each meal.
    Protein keeps you fuller for longer and will help keep those hunger pangs at bay. It’s also great to help you recover after hard running sessions.
    Every time you run, your muscles are stressed and micro tears occur, which is completely normal. However by eating enough protein during the day, as well as having protein within 30 minutes-1 hour of finishing a high intensity session, you will help improve your recovery so that you feel fresh and ready for your next run
  5. Have someone to keep you accountable to your weight loss goal.
    It’s easy to say you want to lose weight and then avoid ‘bad’ food but by being restrictive with what you eat, you are going to crave the so called ‘bad’ food and then give up on your weight loss goal because it’s too hard.
    Having someone who is knowledgeable about weight loss and can provide support and accountability along your weight loss journey is the best way to set yourself up for a success.


To be 100% honest with you, a large number of runners we work with get amazing results following these simple tips.


They are quick and simple and you can implement them into everyday life overnight,


  • No special recipes,
  • No fancy kitchen equipment,
  • No fad diets that crash your energy levels leaving you tired/angry
  • No restriction or foods to avoid, which only really make you want them more..!


But we also know that some runners like the special treatment, which is where TLR90 excels.


We use the habit tips (similar to the above, but we add quite a few more) and include:


  • Running Plans including intervals, tempo runs and so on you can follow
  • Strength workouts/HIIT sessions so you have high calorie burning workouts
  • Accountability, with check ins regularly to keep you on track
  • Friendly and helpful private Facebook group to share your success and help everyone on the program.
  • Actual contact with the team at RunCamp for advise and help whenever you need it.



Check out the details and testimonials by following the button below:

Click to find out more about TLR90


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