8 things you should do to make more time for running

14 Nov 8 things you should do to make more time for running

Time… Just this week I had a response to one of my emails mentioning that:


“I don’t know how I am going to find time for all the things you recommend: running, strength, stretching and so on. I haven’t got all the time in the world”.


So if time if your real problem and I like helping runners solve problems, then this seems like a pretty good topic to hit on today.



Here are the 8 things every runner should do to make more time for running.


  1. Schedule Planning Time.

    15-20 minutes each week MAX to look into your diary and write down actual slots when you will be going running. Pop them in like appointments and put a duration in there too (factoring in changing time, showering etc).

  2. Outline Your Sessions.

    Will Tuesday night be a interval session, perhaps Thursday a club run, Sunday your long run. This is a good start, but try to pad these out a little. Maybe Tuesday’s interval run will be 5x 3minutes at your 10k pace, with 2 minutes jog recovery. Pop in a 10:00 warm up and cool down and you’ve got a 45:00 slot there in the diary ready.
    If session content is something you really struggle with, then check out the RunCamp Ebook with 50 running sessions for some ideas, or have a chat with us about Online Coaching.

  3. Meet Someone.

    Not like Tinder or any dating app/website, but arrange to meet another runner at a set time, chances are you’ll arrive on time get the session completed and not delay the start of the session (like I do when I run on my own) eating into the remainder of your day.
    I’ve been meeting with a running friend of mine at 8:30am on a Saturday, running to parkrun, completing it and then running home to combine a long run, with a bit of social time plus, theres the opportunity to add a little speed in there if needed too!

  4. Factor in Stretching.

    Post run, ensure you have a 10 minute window for stretching. If you get distracted once you return home, do it before you come inside. If you really don’t want to stretch post run (you really should) then make sure you book a Sports Massage in monthly if possible to ensure that your muscles aren’t tightening up too much.

  5. Turn off Social Media Notifications.

    This is a new one for me. I’ve turned everything off, so my phone screen shows none of those irritating red dots. So when I am working, I really am working (not checking Facebook every 5 minutes!), when I’m getting ready to run, I’m getting ready.
    The lack of distraction might only be saving me minutes, but over a day it adds up.
    This isn’t to say I’m going “anti-social” on Social Media, just not letting it dictate my day, and I’ll check in on my own terms.

  6. Outsource.

    The simple things like online shopping and cleaning can be easily outsourced for not too much expense. Personally, I’ve got a cleaner for the Studio I own because they’ll do a far better and effective job than I ever will! This gives me a bonus 2 hours a week.
    I’ve also got my own coach who writes my own personal training plan and that saves me a further 1-2 hours a week.
    Thats 3 or four hours I’ve gained in just those 2 examples (there are a few more I do each week too).

  7. Get Advice.

    The quickest gains in my own fitness and experience have come from chatting to those runners who were quicker/more experienced than I was. It happened when I was starting out aged 17 when I sought advice from the other runners at the club, and it still happens now when I speak to my coach and other runners who are constantly researching and learning. Seeking advice is the quickest way to up level your running and avoid making mistakes.

  8. Enjoy..?

    On top of all this comes the cheesy one too – enjoy the process and you’ll find time to include everything you want to improve.

Some of these things feel like they actually take up more time – planning for instance.

But honestly, spending 10 minutes on a Sunday planning your runs for the week is likely to save you a lot more as you procrastinate during the week.

Some of them might cost a little too – like a monthly Sports Massage. But I’d rather have one of these in my plan than 3 months out from an injury caused by lack of stretching (I’ve learnt that lesson the hard way!)

I outsource a lot because my time is precious. My own training often takes a hit because I am so focused on helping everyone else improve theirs.

The big lesson is this:

You don’t HAVE to do it alone. 



Coach Ant

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