A lesson on Recovery

26 Nov A lesson on Recovery

So last night I headed over to the GlaxoSmithKline Lab in London for a Coaches CPD seminar with 4 different speakers covering subjects about recovery, low carb diets for endurance athletes, the challenge of endurance training and even returning to sport after time out.


The actual trip almost didn’t happen, I’d signed up a long time ago and just before I was about to leave, the old negative voice in the head crept in.

“You’ve got too much work on at the moment”

“You’re not good enough to be there”

“Everyone else will be better than me”


These same voices pop up all the time, but as I put on Facebook yesterday as I was leaving… You can either choose to listen to these gremlins or choose your own path…

Similar I am sure to what everyone thinks when they decide to try something new.

Maybe even joining our January sessions…?


But a long story cut short, I went.


I wasn’t  disappointed, I have managed to squeeze in the work I should have done today and I learnt a lot of super cool facts which I wouldn’t have even researched into had I not gone.


You see the guys that were speaking live and breathe research, I love hearing about the latest research and read up on it as much as I can, but watching people who really know their stuff just makes it so much more engaging.


One of the biggest bits of research was about RECOVERY.



“restoring the potential to perform at your pre exercise levels”


The body has its own coping mechanism, when we train hard, we naturally damage our muscles, these heal and will normally come back stronger.

We will notice the following post exercise:

– Increase in muscle damage

– Increase in Inflammation

– Increased Oxidative stress

– Increase DOMS (aka pain/stiffness in the muscles)


This is all naturally occurring in each one of you reading this.


So for recovery, what should we but putting our focus into…?


The two priorities (from the Scientists):






7-9 hours of the good stuff every night and “good nutrition” – I’ll get back to you soon with what the second one actually means in another message soon, that could make up a whole years worth of emails!


I got back from the seminar at around 11:30pm, the drive home was pretty caffeine filled too.

I’m usually tucked up in bed or at least falling asleep on the sofa at 10.

I also had an early alarm call this morning for the Level 2 group on the track at 5:30am.


So by the time the caffeine wore off and I got to sleep, I imagine I had around 5 hours sleep last night.

Today… I feel horrendous! I made it to lunch time fine, but instead of eating and reading for an hour, I napped. Had to.


So in a way I conducted my own little experiment, caffeine before bad, lack of sleep does not make for a good days work!

Tonight… You can be sure I’ll be back to my normal routine of squeezing in my 7-9 hours and being as productive as possible helping out as many runners as possible!



Coach Ant,


More details tomorrow about the Santahampton Run… LOADS of interest around this one.

Hands Up If you LOVE RUNNING!


It starts and finishes on Southampton Running Track and is going to be laps of 3.14km (aka Pi…) complete as many as you like!

ALL donations will be going to charity, it is a social event, no timers but we will be having a lot of fun.

Put it in your diary – Sunday 6th December 2015, 2pm start.

All ages and abilities welcome.

More tomorrow.

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