An Exciting Opportunity…

29 Feb An Exciting Opportunity…

It seems Spring is well and truly underway, chilly but bright and the days are getting longer.

The perfect running weather?


I personally think so. Plus it makes for some awesome photos(!)


But today I’ve been hunting around the New Forest checking out locations for the first ever RunCamp New Forest Training Weekend…


Aptly named…


RunCamp: A Weekend In The Forest.


As the name suggests it will be a weekend spent in the beautiful New Forest with RunCamp.


It’ll kick off on Friday night with a pub dinner/social for those who can make it.


Saturday will include breakfast (obviously!) a speed session (suitable for all abilities) within the New Forest, with some amazing sights, a core strength session, stretching workshop, running technique workshop, a fun activity and dinner at another local pub.


Sunday will accommodate a long run, led by run leaders and take in some beautiful trails. More running workshops, nutrition chat some more fun activities and whatever else we can find to add in.


Quite simply, we are going to put a lot of knowledge into one weekend so that you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun too.


This won’t be one of those weekends where we expect you to run and workout the whole time. But there will be options along the way, so if you’d like a really long run on Sunday morning, you can do that.


Prefer a shorter option… We’ll sort that out too.


If you’d much rather spend the weekend just learning from the coaches without running at all.


Guess what…


We can sort that out for you.


First things first.


I know a lot of people won’t want to do this, and as a result, I’ll not keep shouting about it on social media and via my emails (I want to keep these as motivational and inspiring as usual).


So to make sure you stay in the loop about the weekend, I’ll need you to click on the following link and pop your email address in.


This way I can give you all the details and not bother anyone else who doesn’t want to come along – Sound fair?  🙂

I’ll mention it just once more later this week and that’ll be IT.


This coming Sunday 6pm, bookings will be opening up. Only if you have entered your email will you be notified.

The first people to get a chance to book will be notified by email ONLY (The booking link won’t be shared on Facebook until after the email has been sent).

As a guide I popped up an event page on Facebook a little while ago and its up to 67 people “interested”

In RunCamp fashion, we are going to have limited numbers available on the weekend, so its vital to secure your place asap.

The link again:


Wednesday will be business as usual, but this week, there has been a request.


Race/Event preparation.


I’ll be having a little brainstorm about what I do and what those I coach personally do.


It’s not an elitist thing, each and everyone has their own way of preparing for an event.


Some more successful than others. Some will be happy and smiley, some more serious. But how does this affect your event?


I’ll let you know on Wednesday.





Coach Ant


P.S. Don’t forget, pop your email down for the New Forest Weekend Here:

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