Hit the ground running (post holiday blues!)

running, try something new

29 Aug Hit the ground running (post holiday blues!)

“Are you on holiday…”


Is just one of the questions I was asked last week…


Clearly I missed sending a couple of emails out last week – but it does make me glad when someone misses them enough to ask where they are!

[Thanks Mum… 😉 ]


Sadly I am not on holiday.


However the preparation for the next mini break is well underway!

Running Holiday in the New Forest

RunCamp Holiday in the beautiful New Forest

By mini break I mean the RunCamp Weekend in the Forest.

You can check out the details in the link above…


As today I wanted to talk post holiday blues.


Theres a common theme I see around September every year.


The nights are drawing in, kids are going back to school and the weather starts to take a bit of a turn (although hopefully not yet!)


There are some major events on the horizon for September/October, but beyond this it seems like a long Winter until the Spring events are here.


So what can you do to motivate yourself?


This time of the year is the time to try something different.

running, try something new

Try something new – maybe head to the local running track for some speed sessions (they aren’t as intimidating as they seem).

Anything that can ignite your motivation is a good thing, which is why in the RunCamp 365 group, when asked the following question by Loraine:

“Is a little 3.5 mile run better than no run? I often think that putting on your kit for such a short time is not worth it or is it?”

Answer – Yes, totally it is. Something is always better than nothing.


Plus as most of us struggle with time, finding any window to head out for a run – no matter how short is only a good thing.


As we know, the benefits of running are well documented… So if that “little 3.5 mile run” will help relieve stress, make you feel more positive and give you a bit more enthusiasm, then its not time wasted.

The only suggestion I’d make from a coaches perspective is to make sure there is a focus to the run.


Whether you run some intervals within this session, or maybe run it as a tempo or as an easy run.

Just don’t get caught in the trap that many runners do – by running it at the same pace as every other run. Vary it up a little – if you are in need of some ideas check out the RunFast Ebook I have written.


Other things you can focus on during your runs:

– Technique (big email/blog on this coming your way Wednesday)

– Breathing

– Pacing

– Cadence (pretty close to technique but it rightly deserves its own bullet point!)

– Or if its a recovery run – then nothing… Just relax and get lost in your surroundings.


If you are currently feeling unmotivated – don’t stress it.


Honestly, I’m about 4 weeks back into my running again after a period of CBA.


[CBA = Can’t Be Ar*ed…]

But it’s 100% normal. Just tick over with a different sport, try going out for a bike ride, taking some long walks or going swimming.


In fact, many of my runners on my online coaching programs are now using cycling as a method of increasing their weekly activity without increasing their risk of injury (one of the downsides to just running more).


If you have any questions at all about motivation – why not pop a message in the Run365 group?

We’ve got 200 members now. With a great mix of Ultramarathon runners (like Chris who ran 100km at the weekend!) to brand new runners…

Everyone with great experiences, stories and advice to pass on – its a pretty awesome group of people 🙂



Coach Ant


P.S. If you are in need of a good kick up the bum, we have a couple of key things coming up.

The aforementioned Running Weekend (with a good mix of theory and practical workshops) plus our Level One Courses all about running technique, strength and some fitness work in there too.

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