Junior Athletic Skills Coaching

What is Junior Athletic Skills Coaching…?

Well, over the years we have been pestered about what we can do for Juniors and running.


And just running can get… well… a little boring.
Especially when you are young, I have very distant memories of being told to run around a pitch in the pouring rain not really knowing why I was doing it!


So when we put our heads together to create something for the younger audience, we not only wanted to make the sessions FUN.


But incorporate general athletic skills too.


– Running

– Throwing

– Jumping


Just as you see on TV in the Olympics, these three skill groups cross over into everything that we do and indeed every sport too.


Which is why we decided to name the new session after this… and Junior Athletic Skills was born:
junior athletic skills training

The dates for our Junior Athletic Skills Sessions:

Monday afternoon (3:15-4:15pm) at Springhill School – 8th May – 22nd May 2017 (3 weeks)

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