07 Jun The BEST Diet For Runners.

There are many diets out there that claim to be the best and guarantee you results.


But what really is the best diet?


The best diet is……………….


Drum roll please……………..


A diet you can stick to!


(which is predominantly made up of real food that doesn’t have a massive ingredient list)


Not some fancy diet or product that claims you will be super slim in 4 weeks.


Yes you may lose weight in 4 weeks and like the look of the new number on the scales.


But what about after 4 weeks?


Will you be able to continue this diet for the rest of your life?


And even more importantly, does this diet help you fuel your long runs and training sessions you want to do in order to improve your running?


The reality is that it probably won’t, as most diets leave you feeling tired, hungry and far from performing at your best.


Diets that claim to have you super slim and losing lots of weight in a short space of time, only get their results due to restricting your calories to well below where they need to be to function day to day……..


When I say function day to day, I mean the basics of life – breathing, blood circulating, heart beating, nerves sending impulses, organs functioning as they should.


So when you factor in your daily life activities such as walking, going up and down stairs, standing, carrying the food shopping etc you will even struggle to go about these very normal things when your calories are really low from a restrictive diet.


This is before we start talking about your long runs, interval sessions and parkruns.


Just imagine finishing your run, when you body wants – actually, scrap that – it NEEDS nutrients and calories to help it repair and get stronger.


But your diet plan says you can’t eat after 8pm (which is when you finished your run) or perhaps you don’t have enough calories or points left for the day.


You’ll end up feeling weak, fatigued, unmotivated and give up on the diet after your initial bit of weight loss as it’s unsustainable, restrictive and not fun.


So if think you can stick to that type of diet for the rest of your life then that’s fine.


But if you want to get rid of restriction, why not try a new approach?


One that is sustainable.






Educational and importantly…


Guarantees support every step of the way.


This is where we (or our resident Nutrition Expert Lindsey) comes in:


Our Lean Runner 90 Programme (TLR90) wasn’t set up as a diet, as everyone already has their own diet, whether that be a healthy diet that serves their goals or an unhealthy one that doesn’t.


TLR90 was set up for people who are looking to make some adjustments to their diet, so that they can be healthy, happy and achieve their goal (whether that is weight loss, to be healthier or to know what to eat as a runner?)


The programme focuses on implementing healthy habits that ensures you eat enough food to fuel your exercise, aide weight loss and become healthier.


There is no restriction or off limit foods here, just small manageable steps that will help you lose weight and then maintain it too.


Most importantly those small steps don’t equal small results as we have seen as much as


7kg and 8.2cm lost over 12 weeks (that’s just over a stone), as well as runners losing 3kg and 16cm from their body over the course of the programme.


You’ll learn lots of useful and easy to implement weight loss and running specific information that you can continue to use for the rest of your life and not just the duration of the programme.


The next Lean Runner Programme starts on Monday 2nd July and booking is available now.


For more details about the programme, pop your details below:



The perfect time doesn’t exist, act now and you’ll reap the rewards!


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