Busy Procrastinating

18 Nov Busy Procrastinating

I used to be the master of it.


Give me a task to do and I could find a million things more important.

Even when it came to entering events. I could put some off to the point of missing out on entry.

But I have learnt over the years that procrastination never ends well.

In fact for a number of years I had a special event lined up that I really wanted to do.

It scared me, I’d put off entering, secretly knowing I’d forget to go back on the website and actually enter.

I did this for two years straight!

(But this year I just did it)

Did it end badly?

NOPE – In fact entering it inspired me to work harder towards it. And the reward was that much sweeter.


Recently however, I have been thinking about a new camera for RunCamp.


I spend a lot of hours each week videoing runners for our Run Assessments.

This was all done on an iPad, but I wanted more. Better quality, better assessments.

I searched for cameras, weighed up options (portability, quality, will it work with my other kit).


And I came to a couple of options. And then I did what I thought I had mastered.


I procrastinated on clicking the buy option.


The benefits outweighed the costs, it was a no brainer, but still I put it off. But the weekend just gone, I called myself out and asked myself what I would say to someone in the same situation.


“Just Do It”

So I did.

Here it is… HD footage for our runners from now on!

Now I am faced with the opportunity of working out how to use it!



So, we’ve opened up a discount for the first 5 runners who get in touch to book a Run Assessment.

In this session you get:

– A  session with us to chat everything running

– Full breakdown on whats good and what can be improved with your running technique

– We will look at your muscle strength,

– We will look at your flexibility,

– We will even chat diet

– There will also be a chance to pick our brains on Training Plans

– You’ll leave the session with plenty of things to try and do to jazz up your routine and motivate you further to achieving more.


Within the session, there are no restrictions, quite literally ask us anything!


This is a before (left side) and after (right) from our 12 week course. All of these images taken from Run Assessments.


Secure your Run Assessment and find out how you can improve in 2016:


^^ This discount link will only remain open for the first 5 applicants, then it’ll be closed and back to its usual price.


Today was it’s first venture out I had a little play with some footage down at the track, there will be a number of training videos coming your way.




Coach Ant


P.s. Any suggestions on what you’d like me to cover in a video, just send me an email info@runcamp.co.uk and I’ll see what I can do.


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