Change the state of play

02 May Change the state of play

I love watching a TV series to help me switch off.


Its pretty much the only thing we use our TV for at the moment – the odd episode of Breaking Bad, Homeland or anything else that seems action packed and doesn’t require too much attention to follow the story line.


But recently we started watching Luther… In it a detective solves a series of pretty weird and graphic crimes.

He has this criminal friend who has been popping up recently helping him.


He was struggling to solve a particular crime and catch a criminal.


She told him to “change the state of play”


In a nut shell – if he is currently struggling down one particular route – CHANGE it.


Its something that can be used with most runners too.


I’ve got a couple of runners that I write programs for.


[This next section isn’t sunshine and rainbows so feel free to stop reading now if its what you want to read… ]


They’ve been doing marathons for a while now.


Always had one in their diaries every year.


And each time, finding they are enjoying the training less and less.


So my reply was simply…




DO something else.


Why would you want to spend your precious time away from work dedicating yourself to something that isn’t going to make you happy.


So, I asked one of the runners in question – What do you WANT to achieve in 2016?


They settled on finding a series of events, on trail, away from the pressures of times as part of training. The trail runs being something they enjoyed doing.

As part of this revamped training they’d also find some shorter events to do and aim to tackle a 10k and a half marathon personal best.


So this is exactly what I am helping them with.


So many runners I am currently working with feel the need to work their way up to a marathon distance as it’s what their friends are doing.


All I am saying is find out what YOU really want to be doing.


If it helps – fire an email over and we can chat about it.


We will also be spending some time chatting about goals and training programs at our New Forest Weekend in June.


Its the first Training Weekend hosted by RunCamp and we are throwing as much value into the weekend as we can.


From training sessions, foam roller workshops, training plan seminars, goal setting workshops, and even a seminar with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to help with mental strategies too.

7 places still available:



Coach Ant


P.S. We also have a squat challenge for the month of May… Join the Facebook group for more information and get started on a stronger you today! You can get started whenever you like but don’t wait too long!



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