Coached Interval Training

We’ve all heard about Interval Training, but we do it slightly differently around here…


We know that a large number of runners want to be able to run faster.




We also realise that many of us struggle to motivate ourselves into doing these Interval Training Sessions.


Not knowing WHAT to do is one of the most common reasons why runners don’t do them.


Coached Interval Training

We don’t just tell you to run, we teach you the benefits of every session too.

And also, lets face it – doing Interval Training alone can be pretty boring and lonely.


Which is why we created our…

RunCamp Coached Interval Training Sessions.



With one of our highly experienced coaches, you can be guaranteed of a well structured workout.


Not only that, but it is structured in a way that the group is kept together, never leaving anyone behind to run on their own.


We have had some incredible results from this session alone, with runners finding their times dropping and becoming more confident in their ability.


We take time and effort to plan out each session, we know what you need to do in order to improve – with all of our coaches having experienced sessions just like these on a weekly (or even more frequently) basis!


We’d love you to come along and try a session for just £7 – perfect for runners who want to run faster:


[stripe name=”RunCamp Ltd” description=”Intervals Single Session” amount=”700″]


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