Crazy Horses

30 Jun Crazy Horses

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as a enthusiastic group of runners tackled the New Forest trails.


The planned rain never arrived and so they set off with positive spirits and a happy chatter.


The gently undulating course (edit… HILLY 😉 ) was stunning to say the least. With a clear sky overhead and only a few grey clouds to suggest there MIGHT be some rain coming.


But luckily for them it didn’t!


The biggest surprise of the run was the herd of horses that came speeding along during a brief rest break.


The thundering strike of their hooves hitting the grass, the length of their gracious strides as they sped past.





Was just one of the many highlights of my weekend out in the New Forest with the first ever RunCamp Weekend in the Forest.

This plus the amazing runners that came along, got involved, learn’t a lot (from Training Planning to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Seminars to Foam Rolling and even Endurance Nutrition).

There were even a couple of runs thrown in too!

A Coached Interval Session on the Saturday and a longer run on the Sunday (both in the stunning New Forest – plus the rain held off which was an added bonus!)


In fact I have just created a video with some of the highlights from the weekend, right from the mouths of those who were there to enjoy it.


Check out the link below to see it:



Coach Ant


P.S. We have a lot of amazing feedback from the weekend, we’d honestly only planned this as a one off but are now planning on getting another one ready for this year!

And we are planning on keeping the small group sizes (so you will not feel left out) however we will be padding out the weekend with more subjects, more knowledge, more inspiration and motivation to help you be the best you can be.

So don’t miss out:




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