The disastrous effects of INJURY and 5 Key Tips from One Runner

running injury funny

07 Nov The disastrous effects of INJURY and 5 Key Tips from One Runner

Apologies for the swear word…


Injuries! Offensive to all runners – but not just physically but mentally too.


Running is more than just exercise, its a method of de-stressing, getting a bit of “me” time.

Getting outside and enjoying and relaxing in the surroundings.


But when something uncontrollable happens which takes it away from us, its pretty blooming horrible!


You feel helpless, lost and wonder what to do with all this spare time… Well some do 🙂


So when I get a message of thanks about not just helping someone improve their running (in this case over a marathon), but do it safely, without injury and then see them running happy again – it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside 😉

Here are Simon’s thoughts (taken from a post in the RUN365 group on Facebook – Join it HERE)

Snowdonia Marathon Training Plan


The key factors that are worth highlighting here:

– He followed an off the shelf plan first… The main issues being that these are generic and do not adjust weekly depending on how you are performing. If you have a week off ill or just have a bad week… chances are you’ll join back in the following week and really struggle!
[Our plans we create by hand for each individual and therefore we will tweak things as we need to].


– He ran SNOWDONIA (blooming hilly) quicker than Paris… Legend 😉 But seriously, due to his injury at the start of the plan, very little time was actually spent running hills in training. So there can be even more time coming off this (should he wish to do it again!) 😉


– Continuous gym sessions… Sadly most of us will get injured at some point, gym sessions for Simon helped build the strength in a weak area for him, as a result his body is much more resistant – however this is a work in progress.
There is no beginning and end for a good strength program.


– Short off road runs, these in my books have been crucial for bringing runners back from injury, but the key is keeping them short.
Little and often is better than long and less frequent (no childish giggling…)


– Resting Plan… Yep I know, do you really need a plan for resting!? But for most people, yes you do. Post marathon (or any running event really), your goals are to reduce impact through the legs and make sure you recover.
If you don’t, like Simon didn’t April, your legs will continue being fatigued and most likely pick up an injury.

running injury funny


And those were just the physical benefits, not to mention the lack of stress around planning and preparing your training program, the constant pressure of thinking you aren’t running enough, or fast enough!

So if you are looking forward to London or Southampton Marathons in 2017, or any other event that you need help with, why not have a chat with us and see how we can help.

Obviously due to the customised nature of our plans, we can only take on a certain number of runners, but if you think you’d benefit, fill in our >Questionnaire< to get started and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



Coach Ant

P.S. Our Online Training Plans are not just for Marathon runners, in fact around 25% of runners following our programs are doing marathons.

So regardless of distances you are running and times you are capable of running, we can help give you more structure and help.

IF however you are training for a marathon but want to create your own program, we’ll we will also be able to help you out with this on our NEW Marathon Weekend in January 2017. Official dates to be released this week and we will be able to sit with you and work through designing your own training plan. Pretty cool 🙂

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