Do knot ignore your body

10 May Do knot ignore your body


Lindsey here again, but this time with a bit of an insight to Sports Massage at RC.

We know that there is a sad fact that a lot of runners will get little niggles.

And a lot of the runners I have been seeing are suffering, from calves, achillies, hamstrings … Pretty much most of the lower body!

Plus a few swimmers suffering with shoulder issues too, but thats not what this post is for!

I get asked a lot (normally after a wince or through gritted teeth) what a knot is in the muscle.

When they are found in Massage, the aim is to “smooth” them out, make them less… well… knotty so that your running ability or performance isn’t inhibited by it anymore.


So… This leads to todays mini topic of…:

What causes knots?


Muscle knots are points within a muscle where the fibres have contracted and are unable to release due to overstimulation from strenuous exercise, accidents or postural stress.

You will often experience aches and maybe some pain after a run, which could indicate muscle knots.

Muscle knots can cause pain in two ways – 1. when pressure is applied to them or 2. the pain may refer along neural pathways and cause other pain in other areas.

This can be relieved by Sports Massage which will help break down the knot by releasing the contracted fibres, increasing blood flow back to the area and relieving muscle pain.

To help prevent knots from forming, it’s important to have regular sports massage so that we can keep on top of any knots that appear, act on them promptly and help  prevent your performance being affected.


It’s also a great idea to focus on posture, mobility and strength to help avoid knots in the future. If these are areas you think you need help with, then check out the RunCamp courses that focus on running technique and strength training.


Here are some other tips for helping reduce muscle knots forming:

  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. Coffee, tea etc doesn’t count I am afraid..!


  • If you sit at a desk for the majority of your day, then every hour have a little walk about the office and change your position


  • Keep active, our muscles like to be challenged, run, cycle, long walks, if its a “rest day” on your running plan, you can still aim to fit something else in (just keep an eye on the intensity)


  • Ensure you get a good amount of sleep each night, studies are mixed, but generally too little and too much are a big no no. Aim for around 8 hours, and set an alarm for GOING to bed as well as getting up.


  • Take 10-15minutes each day just for you to chill out… Read, self reflect, plan your training runs for this week.


  • Get a foam roller and USE IT 😉 although not as deep or as effective as a massage, it’ll still do a decent job post run and only take 5-15 minutes of use – so we can all find time for it.


Knots are nasty little things, unless delt with they will get worse, and that little niggle can quickly turn into something worse.

So for the safety of your running plan, if you do feel something, even something you think might be minor… Then get in touch and we can keep on top of it.

The last thing we want at RunCamp is to see a runner unable to run.

Book an appointment by emailing and I’ll get right back to you. Let me know what you are suffering with and what you are training up for – I love to hear about what you are all up to.




P.S. Sports Massage can sound scary, with all these talks about knots and pain, but honestly, I’ve been working with a wide range of different runners, from those who want to “feel the pain” to those that just want to have a relaxing massage.

As with all our services, you are our number one priority. So let us know what you are training for, what you want to achieve and we will help you get there.

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