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25 Dec Do this/Do that

This is never going to be one of those STOP eating all those damn calories type posts that seem to float around this time of year…

Stuff that – it’s Christmas!

It’s pretty much my one time of year where the Real Ant comes out to play. 

The one who eats ALL the chocolate. 

Doesn’t say no to ANY food. 

And will literally have ice cream on tap.
And it makes Christmas that little bit special for ME. 
You might be different. It might be a good time for you to be strict? 
I don’t know… but hey, whatever makes you happy I’d say go and do that. 
Today I’ll mostly try and stay awake long enough to eat my bodyweight in food. 
Tomorrow I’ll be back to normal (or maybe finishing off the stuff I couldn’t eat yesterday!) 

Most Coaches wouldn’t let you see this side of them. Apparently it’s unprofessional…

But me, I’m just human. Like you. Going through the normal struggles of life. 
But enough rumbling – I’m missing out on valuable eating time writing this! 
Whatever your Christmas looks like – I hope you have a great one. 

Give your loved ones an extra hug. 

Make the most of the time you have together. 
Have a Very Merry Christmas. 

Coach Ant. 
P.s. I’ve got some great emails coming out next week on goal setting. So if you are looking into 2017 with dread… these will get your sorted out! 


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