The Early Bird Wants A Lye In

06 Oct The Early Bird Wants A Lye In

I am STRUGGLING at the moment – The Early Bird seems to have flown…


My alarm is going off but as it is so dark in the morning… It must be my iPhone playing some sort of practical joke right..?


This is just one of the thoughts that went through my head this morning when my alarm was sounding from across the room.


Its now on the other side of the room as the temptation to hit snooze 20 times each morning is becoming silly.

Early Bird

The sudden panic as I rush out of bed realising my usual relaxed hour getting ready (I like my morning quiet time) has been cut down!


I’m not a natural Early Bird… But once I am up, I like it!


So the solution to my little predicament was to simply move the phone out of reach.


If I can’t just roll over and switch it off, I’ll get up. And once I am up well I might as well crack on with my day.


But those initial few steps across the room are pretty low.


The voices in my head just tell me “5 more minutes in bed and you’ll feel much better”


Will it heck… I’ve been there and tried that already.


I know for a fact that having that extra snooze does ZERO for me.


But it doesn’t stop my little voices trying it anyway.


Its these same little voices that pipe up before heading out the door for a run, or when you’ve just started.


“You’ll be happier at home”, “it’ll be warmer than out here”, “You aren’t feeling good today, may as well cut this one short”…


I don’t know about you, but (hopefully) without sounding a little crazy, but they are there all the time (in a non creepy way…)


We all create these problems in our head.


Thats pretty normal.


The only time it isn’t “right” is if it stops you from getting to where you want to be.


In which case you need to find some sort of solution!


Much like my alarm clock trick… As much as I hate it, it is ensuring that I am up and more productive/relaxed in my morning before starting my coaching sessions.


So what is holding you back right now?




Fire an email over and lets see if we can find a solution.



Coach Ant


P.S. Theres been a hot conversation going on in the Run365 group today about saying “Hi” to fellow runners!


Do you say hello to runners you see out and about… Let us know >>here<<…


P.P.S. RunCamp’s New Forest Weekend is nearly here! Last couple of places available:

A weekend with our awesome coaches, plus some special guests too to teach you more about running health, strength training, how to get faster and  how to improve your running efficiency (plus much more!)


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