Early Birds and NEW Location.

01 Aug Early Birds and NEW Location.


Couple of things… First, Level One Early Bird (for Southampton) ends TODAY. Also, if you are a runner in and around the Whiteley/Fareham/Titchfield/Park Gate areas, we have some good news..!


Back when I was a young lad, I used to read and study everything in a book and magazine and try to implement everything.

Always looking for that next shiny object to make things easier.


But it was so hard, until I sat down with someone more knowledgeable than I was who just took all of their knowledge and put it into simple terms.

No confusion, just simple action points.

This same person is now my long term coach.

Any problems I face, I speak to him about and they get solved almost instantly.


I had a similar chat just last week with one of the previous attendees of the Level One Course about how valuable it was to take the tips she had read from emails, magazines and even mentioned in running sessions.


Have the confusion and contradictions taken out of it and put in an easy to understand and implement course…

Our >> Level One Course << – [Early Bird Price goes UP from midnight tonight].


This runner spoke of reading articles which made no sense, but then when some of the information did make sense, it was near impossible to take action on.


I spend most of my days now reading about running, it’s been my full time job for 3 years (and a passion for much longer)


No, I don’t know everything. But you can be darn sure that I, and the coaches I work with will be tweaking everything to be at it’s best for you.


Because we know that we can help motivate, educate and inspire all runners to improve.

And this starts with making our services the best that they can be: Check out our Level One Course



Oh yeah… I mentioned earlier about a different location… Well here goes!


On 20th September 2016 at 1900-2000 RunCamp will be holding a Come and Have a Go Session for just £5.


Aimed at improvers, this session will touch on some of the key tips to help improve running technique, confidence and efficiency.


It’ll start from Active Step Podiatry – our great friends over in Whiteley.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 15.41.14

Booking is available by >> CLICKING HERE << we will be keeping numbers limited so that you will be there to learn as well as find out more about us.


Our sessions are more than just runs. They are Infotaining Runs (information… entertaining… Well I tried 😉 )



Coach Ant


P.S. We will be hosting a new course from Tuesday 27th September from Active Step too, booking links haven’t gone live yet, I’ll get an email out on Friday about it!

But if you are keen, email us and we will sort it out for you.


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