How To Effectively Track Your Weight Loss Progress

15 Jun How To Effectively Track Your Weight Loss Progress

One of the first things a runner will tell me when I sit down and chat with them is their weight loss target – I’m sure many of you reading this may also have a magic number you’d like to get to at some point over the next few months.

Which always leads nicely onto how to track your progress?

Well, you need to be able to measure how close of how far away you are don’t you, otherwise it’s just guesswork.

If we remember that great SMART acronym, Specific, MEASURABLE, Achievable, Realistic and Time focused.

With weight, we use the scales, right?

BUT – The scales on their own can be very misleading.

Your weight will fluctuate during the day and day to day – just by what you have eaten and drunk among many other things.

Relying just on the scales to see how you are getting on can lead to frustration and you not realising that you are actually making progress.

One very easy example is taking your weight in the morning after you have just eaten, this could easily add on 1-2kgs when we think about drinking a pint of water, perhaps a cup of coffee and a bowl of porridge (as an example).

Compare this to just finishing a hot run, chances are, if you’ve been out running for a while, you’ll be hot, sweaty and might well have lost a kilo in water alone!

Is there another way…?

Here is what we use in The Lean Runner 90 Programme.



Measure yourself at the start of your weight loss journey and make a note of the measurements.

Re-measure every 2 weeks and you’ll be surprised to see the cms decreasing steadily.

The four key areas to measure are: 

 – chest,

 – waist,

 – hips and

 – thigh.

Just make sure you are taking the measurement from exactly the same place each time.



Take photos at the start and get someone to help you if needed.

Re-take pictures every 4-6 weeks and compare to the previous set of pictures, you’ll be able to see how your body has changed since you started your weight loss journey.

Take photos full length from front, back and each side.

No one even has to see them, these are just for you!

But they are really important, on so many people’s weight loss journeys the weight loss (and shape change) is small week by week, and you might not really notice because you see yourself every day. But chances are when someone who might not have seen you for a few weeks sees you – they’ll comment on how slim you look! Thats the effect we want to have by using these photos – we want YOU to see your own progress.



How your clothes fit is super important for helping you notice a decrease in your weight, even if the scale haven’t moved much.

Are your clothes tight at the start?

Have your clothes become looser?

Has your belt moved in a notch?

Weight loss is as much about how you feel, as it is about how your body shape changes and how much weight you lose.


Check in

Grab yourself a notepad and pen.

Each day check in with yourself and ask how your day has gone.

What went well?

Have you had any breakthrough moments?

How are you going to set yourself up for success tomorrow?

You can also use your notepad to keep a record of your weight, measurements, how many hours you slept, how you are feeling generally, as well as a place to get things off your chest – there is nothing worse than trying to go to sleep and you have lots of things whizzing through your head, keep your notepad by your bed and write these things down and you’ll be sleeping easy.



You can use the scales to track your weight loss.

It’s important to weigh yourself at the same time of the day, ideally first thing in the morning after you have been to the loo and before you have eaten or drunk anything.

But remember that the scales will fluctuate daily so if you choose to weigh yourself daily then be prepared for the scales to move up and down a fair bit, this is completely normal!

The best thing to do if weighing yourself daily, is to use your average weekly weight to track progress.

Alternatively if you weigh yourself once a week then ensure you do it on the same day of the week and at the same time of day, ideally first thing in the morning as above.

We’ve been helping runners lose weight and tone up using methods very similar to those listed above, combining this with an educational and supportive environment. 

If you, like so many others, are aiming to lose a little bit of weight and would benefit from joining a group to help keep you accountable and on track, then check out the link below:

Nutrition Coaching



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