Olympic Level Excitement!

Olympics training

08 Aug Olympic Level Excitement!

The Four Year Olympic Struggle – the hours of training and success or failure is determined in (sometimes) less than a second.


Its the harsh reality of sport especially at that level – blink and your chance is gone for another four years!


You can either rise to the challenge as Adam Peaty did in impressive style breaking his own world record TWICE – once in the final to win gold in the Mens Olympic 100m Breastroke!

Olympics training


Or see things slowly demolish in front of your eyes with a small mistake like our own Geraint Thomas in the horrible crash during the mens Olympic Cycling on Saturday.


So me and you may not be Olympic Athletes… So what can we learn from this…


Well, actually its a similar experience to runners that I work with especially over Marathon distances.

You spend 18+ weeks building up to that key event, and something small could go wrong and thats the end of that opportunity of a new pb.


Nutritional mistake by taking on too much or not enough.

Put in too many miles in the final few weeks leading up to the event with some panic training.

Not enough speed work leaving you struggling to maintain your goal pace.


The problem with these longer events is that if you do mess up – you have a wait before you can book the next one in (as generally the longer the event the longer the recovery window will be).


Which is why we like to minimise the risk here at RunCamp.


Especially with our Online Coaching Programs


When it comes to planning for your next event, we take the stress and hardwork out of the planning side of things, and just leave you with some structured sessions that guarantee improvement if you stick to them.


So if you are looking to run faster or maybe like Angela over the weekend when she ran her parkrun at her prescribed 10k pace but felt so good she ran a 5k pb (which wasn’t even flat out)… 😉

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.00.00


There are some things that you simply cannot avoid, but plenty of things that we can ensure you do correctly which will boost your chances of success in whatever event you challenge yourself with.


So, fire an email to info@runcamp.co.uk telling me what challenge you have coming up and what your worries are.

Go on – I am genuinely interested.



Coach Ant


P.S. It’s not long now until September kicks in and the start of all our Level One Courses. Details are here: https://runcamp.co.uk/home/technique-level-one/


And also our trial session at Whiteley is coming up too, secure your place today HERE its the 20th September 2016 at 1900-2000 starting from Whiteley (Active Step Podiatry).



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