Don’t listen to fear #BUNGEEEEEE ;)

27 Jul Don’t listen to fear #BUNGEEEEEE ;)

Do you ever experience fear and talk yourself out of doing something ?


Me and Lindsey (RunCamp Sports Massage Extraordinaire) were going through some old photos the other day and stumbled across our photos from our trip to New Zealand.


Of most interest was my bungee jump photos…


I remember being so confident when booking it in – knowing I would be fine.


But when the time came to jump…


It was a totally different scenario… Fear Struck 🙁


The guy due to jump before me, stood on the edge and prepared for a HUGE jump.


Bent his knees, swung his arms back and when the moment came, he literally just collapsed and fell from the ledge.


Seeing this – turned my stomach…


Could I still do it…? What if I just slipped off the edge? Would I be able to jump?


My favourite image from the whole experience was me stood on the edge, gritted teeth and giving myself a stern talking to!

Fighting Fear!

Fighting Fear!


The good news…

… I jumped – a totally amazing experienced once I’d pushed through this initial fear.


And this alone was probably the most powerful lesson I’d learnt.


Experiencing Fear before doing something isn’t a bad thing.


But pushing through and proving that you CAN do something is always a good thing.


overcoming fear

The only time I’ll beat Usain Bolt’s 100m time…


So do you have any fear or worry about doing or entering anything?


Whether its your first marathon? Half? 10k or 5k?


Whatever you have been procrastinating about – why not just go ahead and enter it?


Push through that fear and go and do it anyway… Tell you what, I’ll put a post up on the Facebook Page about Events you have been procrastinating about, pop a comment on there with what you are going to enter, and I’ll let you know about my next scary event…!




Coach Ant

P.S. RunCamp Level One and Level Two are one of those things that people say they were really worried about signing up to before getting involved. But as of yet, I have never heard anyone say they regret signing up for it!

Also, this week is the final chance to get involved in Level One at a discounted rate. The price will go up next week.

Motivation, education and motivation all in one session. Sign up for the final courses or our running weekend of 2016.

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