Feeling Tight and Achy?

13 Apr Feeling Tight and Achy?

Hey its Lindsey here (Ant’s taken the evening off..! 😉 )
I’ll be taking over the RunCamp blog from time to time to talk all things recovery and Sports Massage related.
So firstly, as some of you may be aware, I am now the RunCamp Sports Massage Therapist.
I’ve a long history in sport and at some point I’ll let you in on my story as its always good to know who you are talking to and their experience.
But I thought I would use this time to give a brief review of the common reasons people come for a Sports Massage.
Massage Towels
And go through some of the jargon out there which you might already know we don’t like too much of that here at RunCamp HQ!
I’ve had a number of runners coming in for ‘maintenance’ massage, as they have been training hard for a few months and have got their race just around the corner.
They want their tight, heavy and fatigued legs to be relieved of the tension so they’re ready for the last few weeks of training before the big day.
Over time with continuous run training, the leg muscles will become tight and achy.
Feeling slow and possibly your are feeling little niggles that weren’t there before.
Sports Massage will help keep your legs in tip top condition, so that you can continue your training injury free and be in the best form ready for race day.
One of the main benefits of ‘maintenance’ massage is that we can keep a close eye on the condition of your legs during your training and work on any tight areas as they arise, helping keep your legs fresh and ready for training.
(The quicker you recover, the quicker you can be out running, and we know how Ant always harps on about consistency…)
Rather than waiting for the tightness and fatigue to become too much that it affects your training and then missing training sessions or weeks of training while you rest your fatigued legs and wish you had booked a massage sooner.
(We’ve all been there – myself included!)
 Post Event Massage!?
I’ve also had a couple of runners in for post-race massage. This is another key time for a Sports Massage and can really help speed up your recovery and get you back to training feeling fresh and ready for your next challenge.
It’s a great way to reward yourself for all the efforts you have put into your training and of course race day where hopefully you achieved your goal.
It’ll put you in a good place physically and mentally too…
It pays to be smart when it comes to Sports Massage.
Booking a monthly Sports Massage to keep on top of any niggles
Planning ahead and booking a post-race massage to speed up your recovery.
A number of runners this week have been smart and booked their post-race massage ready.
With London Marathon and ABP Southampton Half Marathon and 10k happening in 11 days, will you be smart and book in your post-race massage?
Or would you quite fancy a maintenance massage to keep on-top of things?
Email info@runcamp.co.uk today to enquire.
P.s. What makes massage so good for runners?
Find out in my next instalment. I might also share an awkward story or two..!


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