Finding Mojo

07 Jul Finding Mojo

As runners it can sometimes get tough.


Motivation wanes – its 100% normal to get days where you just don’t want to go out.


The best strategy I have found is to go somewhere different.


Go on a new route, try something new.



Just last weekend I had a classic case of CBA (Can’t Be Ar*ed). But I had agreed to meet a friend and go on a run around the local woods – a route I’d not done for around 18 months.


It was probably the best run I’d had all year.

We got muddy, we got a bit lost, we had a good old chat and put the world to rights!

And it started my following week off on a high, just like this runner who joined us on our last weekend:



One of the things we aimed to achieve with the RunCamp Weekends was to help motivate, educate and inspire:

Not just teaching you new things like using a Foam Roller, Motivation Strategies, Core workouts and designing training plans (as a few of our topics) but heading out on new routes…


Exploring, and soaking up a different atmosphere.


Meeting new runners and just having a relaxing weekend (with a side order of exercise!)


Its been designed with the improver in mind.


To pass on knowledge rather than just making you run (although there will be two optional sessions over the weekend).

For those that don’t just want to know WHAT to do… But WHY to do it.

And in my eyes its they WHY that is the most important thing. If you understand it, you can implement it better and the long term result is better results for you.


Bookings are now open and we can even take a deposit to secure your place on the weekend.

>>Book Here<<




Check out all of the details here: Theres a video with some thoughts from those who joined us last time to check out too!



Coach Ant


P.S. Any suggestions about what you’d like to see on a running weekend? Any topics you are dying to learn more about? Send an email to and we will make it happen!

We will have a selection of top local professionals joining us to share their knowledge plus plenty of time for Q&A’s to get the answers you really want to know about!



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