Forget the “perfect” training plan (My Story)

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25 Jul Forget the “perfect” training plan (My Story)

From the message I sent out yesterday about creating your own Training Plan…


Read it >>HERE<<


It gave a pretty good overview on how you can create your own training plan.


Which generated a number of replies, about what should and shouldn’t be included, how long should you spend writing one and what if you don’t create one in the correct way.


Its that final point that I wanted to focus on…


 – How can you make sure you have created the correct training plan for you?


So I’ll start with a story – it begins with a young runner/triathlete (who might sound a bit familiar…)


He started out just following everyone else’s lead, joining running clubs, triathlon clubs, every session he could make he would attend.

Not just attend, but put his heart and soul into – he loved training and competition and would lavish the opportunity to compete against the others in the club on a weekly basis.


But the time came when he spoke to more experienced runners, that training the way he was doing isn’t going to end well. There was far too much intensity even for a young runner and the time would come where he would plateau and potentially even gain injuries.


And injuries were what hit him.


Knees, IT Band, and calf problems troubled him.


So he decided to “perfect” his weekly training plan – each week on a Sunday afternoon he would dedicate around 2 hours to writing sessions, fitting them in the “correct” way around to ensure he had the best strategy.


Making sure there was adequate recovery time between hard sessions and that his easy sessions were just that – Easy!


After a number of weeks – he decided that enough was enough and he decided to meet with another local coach, someone more experienced and willing to take on this load.




Well, (just to clarify the above is a very brief story about me around 10 years ago!)… And I suffer greatly with perfectionism…perfectionism running training plan

I learnt very early on that when it comes to designing a training plan for myself, I am better off giving the task to someone else.


 – Someone who will keep me accountable, 
 – Someone who has far greater knowledge than me, 
 – Someone I can turn to for help if I need it, 
 – And someone who will adapt the plan and tell me what I need to focus on when I get annoyed and flustered 


In short, I couldn’t do the above myself.


I would sit and have conversations about…


“What type of interval is best for me”
“Should I do hill repeats this day or a different one”
“What distance and pace should my long run be at”

These days I just wake up and a plan is there for me to do. There is less stress and worry!


Hopefully some parts of this resonates with you – but don’t feel like you have to be perfect. No one is.

running training plan

We all have our problems and we all need to find ways to deal with them, whether they are as simple as realising you are a real lazy runner and need someone to tell you what to do (like me..!)


Or whether you just need to sit down for a couple of hours each month and get your plans written down.


There are no problems remember – only solutions.


And if there is anyway that I can help, just give me a shout.




Coach Ant


P.S. I mentioned above about having training plans written for you, a service which is one of the most popular in RunCamp right now:


P.P.S. And if you want more hands on training with us, check out our >Level One< and >Level Two< coaching groups. Plus our next >Weekend in The Forest<.

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