Running Myths and Cadence Training

20 Jul Running Myths and Cadence Training

“Your running cadence should be 180”.


“Running is bad for your knees”.


“Heel striking is bad for you”.


“Hill training is all the strength training you need to do”.


These are just some of the common things I’ll see on my browse around the internet and chatting to fellow runners.


But all of them should be quashed right now.


In fact, my whole Level One course was created to educate runners about how the above are so un true.

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As an example of what we cover in Week 9 of the course…



(The speed your legs move) should be at 180 steps per minute.


I know (from personal coaching experience) that most runners will settle in the 150-160 area. This is where the vast majority are.


Now, it is dependant on speed, and any club runners or speed demons might be sat reading this and thinking “But I regularly run in the 170’s”


Which is awesome.


But the questions we as runners should be asking ourselves are…


Should we be:

A) Looking to increase our running cadence


B) Aiming for 180 as our magic target.



A) It depends – sorry boring answer…. 🙁


It depends who you are and what your body type is like. On the previous RunCamp Level One course, we had one runner who was well over 6 foot, and others who were closer to 5.

They will all have different targets in terms of their running cadence.


This is because we tend to forget about the other variable for running….


Stride Length, how much ground you cover on each step, which in my view is equally as important as cadence.


B) Well, I’m guessing you’ll know my answer to whether we should all be aiming for 180 as our running cadence… No…


We are all different, and we all need a different approach.


Which is why in the Level One groups we have small group numbers, so we can work closer with you.


If you want to know more… Check out the details:


And if you want an even more personalised account of your running… You can always check out our Running Assessments…


Like Neils here:

Hi Ant,

I have been playing around with my technique. Last week I ran on the cycle path next to the Ordinance Survey where I ran to the end and back. First in my normal plod (as on the video) and then whilst focussing on where my foot lands, heel kick and airtime/springyness.
My normal plod:
Distance: 1.5 k
Pace:       5:35 min/k
HR:          144 bpm
Incorporating RUNCAMP feedback:
Distance: 1.5 k
Pace:       4:40 min/k
HR:          150 bpm
It shows me that for a bit more effort (HR 5-10 BPM) I am able to go almost a minute faster per kilometre, which is amazing. Obviously I am using different muscle groups, so I expect the HR to go down over time.

Yes, his heart rate will decrease over time as his body adapts to this new technique, but the fact that within a week he can reduce his pace by almost a minute per kilometre just shows how powerful knowing how to implement this kind of thing is.


No guesswork, just pure action.


Head here to get booked in:



Coach Ant


P.S. We will have some new course dates soon for those who have been asking for one over in Whiteley/Fareham/Stubbington area too. So keep an eye out on for this in the next couple of weeks.



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