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Hey, thanks for checking back.


I’m pretty excited about this one, a few runners who got their hands on a early release copy have been really positive about the sessions.


There are a couple of things I want to work on for future versions, but if you remember back to an email I sent a while back on imperfect action – this is me doing just this.


“Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction Every Time” – Harry S Truman



Sometimes, just taking action now rather than waiting until next week or next month is a far better strategy.

We are looking to get the full version out in the next couple of weeks – so let me know what you think of this preview copy by just sending an email or popping a comment on Facebook.

Grab your copy >> HERE <<

This should give a wide range of runners brand new ideas on how to jazz up their training regime this winter (and beyond).

And for those who wonder who to implement this type of thing into their weekly schedule… Why not get in touch and book in for a FREE Coaching Call with us.

We can chat about how to structure your week and make sure you are including the sessions which will help you to improve: https://runcamp.co.uk/home/free-coaching-call/



Coach Ant

P.S. That link for the free plan one more time is >> HERE << 


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