I get knocked down… But I get up again

31 Oct I get knocked down… But I get up again

If there’s one thing that sets me apart from most people.


I’ll always bounce back – in more ways than one.


I popped a video on the free Run365 Group on Friday Night about motivation.

(Find the actual video >>here<<)


Mine has been at an all time low. Well it was until last Friday.


I sat down with the guy who has the tough job of sorting me out… My Coach.


And we spent a lot of time talking goals, what I really want and how to break this down. He also told me stories of his achievements this year (including reaching my goal of racing an Ironman in Hawaii!)


All of this popped me back on the straight and narrow!


It’s a funny thing – one brief chat made all the difference and its things like this that set people like my Coach apart from everyone else and I like to think I have this too with the guys that I coach.


In just one conversation you can turn something negative. Into something motivating.


The day after my said chat with Coach – I went out for a bike ride, full of new found enthusiasm and ready for the next big challenge.


Until disaster struck.


I literally found myself back on my ass.


My bike, apparently, doesn’t agree with going into a sharp turn on wet roads!


So down I went, luckily skidding rather than hitting the road, which for anyone who has even fallen off their bike will know, is the preferred of the two options (if you had to choose) as there is far less impact, but there are still a number of grazes!



So I’ve been knocked back down again.


Will I get back up?


You bet I will! (For those concerned, my injuries are only bruises and grazes. I’ll be fine and dandy in a couple of days)


Big goals take some big work, and it takes a very special type of person to dedicate time to working towards them.


Our weekends for 2017 will be announced very soon (should have been last week but we’ve had to make some minor tweaks).

In these we are looking to get really hands on with each and every runner. Even going as far as helping you write up your marathon training plan in our Marathon Weekend.

If you haven’t yet popped your name on the priority email list then check out the link below:

https://runcamp.co.uk/home/runningweekend/ [Plus there are discounts for the priority email list too]


If you need more urgent assistance…

I’ve got a couple of slots this week, which very rarely happens, for Running Assessments – 90 minute appointments where just you and I can sit down and talk in detail about your running.


It doesn’t even have to be technique related (although for many runners this is a big subject), but we can fine tune your goals, give you some targets and focus, plus that all important motivation.


Which this time of year is priceless.


Hit reply (or email info@runcamp.co.uk) if this is something you’d benefit from.



Coach Ant

P.S. We are on the lookout for some top local professionals to come along to our weekends in 2017 to maximise our services to runners – if you know of anyone who you can personally recommend for their top service and knowledge – please pass us their details as we want to talk to them!




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