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05 Jul Get Strong!

Another quick question today which was emailed to me over the weekend…


“What should I be including during the week as my strength training?”


Which on the surface is a simple one.


Strength training can be something simple, like in the Run365 group just last month we had some routines around 6-8 exercises completed one after the other… Theres a link to the video I made below…


This will suffice for the vast majority of runners who have done nothing like this before.


But, there will come a time where exercises like this aren’t quite enough.


You see, like running we need progression.


We run further, faster – which adds volume or intensity.


In strength training we can play around with volume i.e. do more repetitions, but it gets to a certain point where doing more doesn’t actually result in any more gain.


So its the intensity we need to play around with.


In our Level One courses we start with simple bodyweight exercises. We include the usual squats and lunges, as well as slightly more complicated moves on one leg (very important for runners) alongside our technique work.


To add intensity in the Level Two sessions, we can then add resistance with bands and/or kettlebells.


This advances the session so that you get stronger.


Which the whole point in doing the exercises.


So in short, if you are not currently doing anything… Check out last months posts in the RunCamp365 group…


The video to the week one exercises (the perfect starting point) is >>here<< .  It’s a free video I put together for anyone who would like some different ideas about what to include.


You could also check out the August Blast we have coming next month in our Level One and Two sessions, Tuesdays at 6:30pm or 7:30pm throughout August: (The later session is strictly for those who have previously been on a Level One Course before).


Oh, and if you are wondering where is the best place to pop your routine in during the week, the exercises in the videos (and indeed the exercises we teach in all of our sessions) can be completed straight after your usual running sessions… Taking up minutes of your time.


Stick with it for 6 weeks and they’ll have you feeling much stronger.


If you ever need help, feel free to get in touch via and we will get right back to you.




Coach Ant


P.S. We have some new dates for our Running Weekend coming this week, we have give priority booking to those who came on the last weekend we held. The remaining places will be announced this Thursday evening! Due to our strict rules on keeping the groups small and personal there are very limited places available, so I’ll let you know how many are left this week! 🙂


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