Great Pacing at the Great South

31 Oct Great Pacing at the Great South

With the Great South all over for another year, my analysis of the event is still on going with plenty of stats to look through!

But one particular graph really caught my attention earlier, so I thought I’d write about it:

Doesn’t look like much, but this is a prime example of how an event should be paced.

The runner here had a (realistic) target pace and stuck to it like glue, with every single kilometre of the 10 mile run (16 of them!) within 15 seconds.

When we look at the 3 lines on the graph above Yellow (cadence), Green (pace) and Red (heart rate) all stay close to parallel with each other throughout the run.

In the graph above, I’ve also highlighted the quickest 30 minutes of the run… The final 30.


How many of us can admit to running faster in the final section?


But in total honesty, COULD we all run faster in the final section if we wanted to?


The answer should be yes, but the hardest thing is staying in control during the early stages of the run. Especially at a large scale event such as the Great South, where emotions can get the better of you.

Runners in your way, having to weave, water bottles scattering the ground, crowds cheering… the list goes on and the variables to control become very difficult.


How can you stay in control then?


My main recommendation is…

Know your limits.


Knowing what your current training has been like will give a great indicator of what your finish time could be.

I like to create a Plan A, B and C goal for each event.

I’ll start at the B pace, if things are feeling good then I’ll push up for the A… Feeling bad, then drop to the C.

However going in with just one strategy is a sure fire way of starting too fast end ending pretty painfully!


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Coach Ant

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