Improve on their running times,

Run further or make their style more efficient,

Learn tips to reduce the risk of injury,

Become more flexible,

 Use running as a method of losing weight,

Or even looking to get started with running.

Then our Group Coaching Sessions will help motivate, educate and  inspire you to improve your running.


We have a number of options available, we recommend runners who are interested in improving their strength and technique to start with out Level One Course.

If you are interested in improving your running speed, then check out our Coached Interval Sessions.

RunCamp [Level One] Technique, Fitness & Strength – The Perfect Starting Point to RunCamp

You may have already heard about our popular Technique Courses (AKA our Level One Course)


If you are understandably confused about how to run. Should you forefoot strike, should you do strength training? This is one course that will cover the theory and help you understand as well as going through drills and exercises that will help you.


You will learn the correct movements involved in running, you will improve your strength and balance plus have a far better understanding of running technique.


We have a limited intake 3 times per year and numbers are kept low to ensure you learn more and get that feedback you require. Every session is dedicated to improving your running technique with drills and exercises which are fully explained to you.

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RunCamp [Level Two] Strength Training – Where we build Stronger Runners

Strength training is often a confusing subject with runners.


Should you drop a run to fit in a session?


How much weight should I lift, and what exercises are the best?


In our weekly Strength Sessions, we combine Running and Strength together in a 60 minute session designed to help you become a stronger and more stable runner… Which in turn leads to faster and more efficient running too.

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RunCamp Coached Interval Training

More than just an Interval Session.

Running faster is a goal for many runners. But the most confusing aspect is how to integrate it into your training, how much and how hard should you push yourself?


In this weekly session, we answer all of these questions with our structured training, fully coached and pre planned to make sure that you will become faster as a result.


Social, hard work (but good fun!) in a friendly environment. Its tough training done RunCamp style.

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