Group Coaching

Do you want to improve your running strength and speed?

Our combined Group Coaching sessions assist runners to get stronger, faster and help reduce their injury risk too.

The world of Strength and Conditioning is huge and complex. With gyms providing an intimidating environment and often get so busy that it leaves us feeling unwelcome and angry with not being able to use the equipment you want.

Plus interval training can often be a chore, it’s the session most runners hate to do, but the one that will help increase your pace over all distances.

Our runner friendly sessions are designed to focus on your Strength and Conditioning as well as giving you a structured way to complete your weekly intervals in the best location…

The great outdoors!

Well, who wants to spend another hour inside when your day has been spent inside as well!

We focus on the essential exercises that have helped out hundreds of runners over the years at RunCamp. No faff, just 60 minutes of key strength/speed that will make you stronger and fitter too.

 – Challenge yourself further with a blend of Strength and Speed Training

 – No chance of slacking off and missing a key strength session each week

 – Support of the coach at every session

 – Plus the numbers are still kept small for that direct feedback on technique (running and strength!)

Running Strength - photo by

Running Strength – photo by

Imagine the feeling of being stronger, faster and able to run for more years because your body is able to deal with the high impact nature of running.

We know for a fact that running is a harsh hobby. You spend hours preparing and practising, but one wrong footing can stop you doing the thing you love for weeks, maybe even months.

Building up a strong base is a priority, a strong core, strong body will help improve performance in all runners and we have done just this on numerous occasions.

“From the age of 30, you can expect to see a loss of around 1-2% of your muscle mass per decade”.

But the good news is, you can improve your muscle mass.

Thursday Morning Running Strength session, plus kettleballs.

Running Strength session, plus kettleballs.

We created our Group Training Sessions with you in mind, including the best exercises to help build a stable base, a stronger core and better runners.

Each week will be a variety of strength and speed sessions, designed to push you but at the same time kept enjoyable in our friendly groups along with dedicated interval sessions too.

When are the sessions?

Our Sessions take place weekly in Southampton and Chandlers Ford.

Mondays 6:45-7:45 pm (Chandlers Ford) – Strength & Speed

Tuesdays 6:30am-7:30am (Southampton) – Coached Intervals

Tuesdays 19:30-20:30pm (Southampton) – Strength & Speed

Thursdays 6:30-7:30am (Southampton) – Strength & Speed

Fridays 19:30-20:30pm (Southampton) – Coached Intervals

Once you become a member of the RunSquad, you can come along to any sessions shown above as your membership is UNLIMITED making each session just £5 when you attend 2 sessions per week.

There is a small monthly fee, and no contracts, so you are welcome to come along for one month or more.


PLUS… if you come along for your first month and for whatever reason, don’t like, enjoy or benefit from the sessions, let us know and we will give you a refund for that month.

We are THAT confident we have the best sessions to help you become a better runner.

Click the button below to purchase your first month for £39.99.

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If an unlimited membership sounds a little too much for you, then we also offer a one session per week membership which is £29.99 per month:

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Or even purchase a Trial Session for £9

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Location Details:

Chandlers Ford: This session meets in the Central Precinct outside Up and Running and Studio 23 (Personal Training Gym). There is free parking available at the Central Precinct.

Southampton: All sessions meet at the Southampton Sports Centre, parking is available free and it’s a 5 minute walk from the car park to the running track. We will meet at the entrance gate to the running track for all sessions.

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