Hashtags and Core Strength

30 May Hashtags and Core Strength

I’m jumping on the hashtags…





Because this Wednesday is the start of a new month.


And in our free RunCamp Run365 group it means a new challenge.


The members have requested it and so for June we will be focusing on “Core”.


Now personally, I hate the term.


It conjures up images like you see in all the magazines of crazily lean guys and girls doing sit ups.


But these aren’t the kind of things you and I should be doing.


I mean… You’ll feel the “burn” but it has zero benefit for running.


So in the 30 day challenge we will be covering the key exercises you SHOULD be doing.


I’m aiming for each day to take up 10 minutes of your time. You can fit it in before breakfast.


As a quick post run routine.


Maybe in your lunch break..!


30 days is all I am asking for. Join the >> Facebook Group <<

And we will be starting on Wednesday.


Don’t miss out 🙂




Coach Ant.


P.S. Lindsey has got some last minute spaces tomorrow for Sports Massage Sessions, get in touch with her via info@runcamp.co.uk to grab a slot before we head off to Nice, France for a week to find a bit of sunshine…!



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