I want you to HIIT Me this June…

31 May I want you to HIIT Me this June…

Honestly.. Go on, HIIT me.


Just HIIT me already 😉


Now, before you line up at my door I’m referring to HIIT as in:


High Intensity Interval Training.


That scary sounding word that brings up images of scantily clad guys and girls doing burpees until they puke…


I know, I’ve sold it well – but STOP…


We are going to do things a little differently.


Yes, we are going ask you to push a little harder than you are used to, but we want you to want to do it too.


So, each week in June we will be posting a HIIT video for runners on our Facebook Group (check it out >>here<< if you haven’t joined yet)

This is for the group only.


Each week we will post a FULL training video, yep one of us is going to be tasked with the job of actually doing the workout with you…


It’s going to be one heck of a paper, scissors and rock game to decide!




  1. HIIT is designed (and proven) to help you burn more calories than running will, put simply I work with a lot of runners and many ask how they can use running to lose weight. Truth is, you CAN, but it needs to have some intensity with it. This is one way that we can achieve this without adding more miles or speed into your running plan.
  2. HIIT will kick start you metabolism and help you to burn calories throughout the day, even post exercise.

    You see, the body is an efficient machine, when you run at the same intensity over and over again, your body will become more efficient at it. Your heart rate will lower and the “stress” on the body will drop.
    At this point your post exercise calorie burning starts to drop.

    Adding in this intensity through a HIIT session (or two) per week brings back that intensity.

  3. Add some variation in. Its a little more engaging than running around the block. We can vary things each week with different exercises, different durations and you will be able to do these anywhere (no equipment required).
    I’m sure we’ll be making ourselves look foolish doing them in public too, and if you can watch the videos without laughing at us, I’ll be impressed 😉

It all starts June 1st for video one, but you can join the group and dig out the videos whenever you wish after this date, they’ll always be there. 


Step ONE: Join the group here- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1646300628992181/


Step TWO: Say hi!


Step THREE: Get involved. Post, ask questions, meet other runners for training sessions. This group has been made for YOU. So make the most of it 🙂


Thats all for today.


Coach Ant


P.S. Regarding the intensity of the sessions, they will all be timed and you will be welcome to do as much or as little as you wish. We will be offering progressions and regressions on everything so find the level thats right for you and lets have a fantastic month 🙂

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