How Annoying!!

01 Jun How Annoying!!

Have you ever spent a long time planning and preparing something only for something really annoying to ruin it at the final hurdle.

It happened to me just this morning (nothing to do with the image… But it made me laugh!)

I’d planned out everything for the RunCamp Run365 challenge for June.


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Images prepped, plan made for the month.

The last thing to do this morning was to go live on Facebook and give a quick presentation on how to do the exercises.


Apparently my wifi signal was weak, so everyone was greeted with a freeze frame of me holding a glute bridge and talking over the top!




I’ve put it right now though, I’m just waiting for the finished video to be uploaded.

But it’s a vital lesson.

No matter how prepared we are, we must always be aware that something could go wrong.

For runners, it’s usually preparing for how they react when they see their first mile split.

I hear it all the time.

“I’ve trained well and I’m on for a good time”

But when the first split comes in, if it’s not what they expect, either too fast or too slow, their reaction can ruin the performance.

“I’ve started too quick… I’m going to blow up!”


“I’ve started too slow, I’ll never make this time up!”

But so what?

Why worry about what’s happened?

Focus on what’s coming up, not what has passed.

And I am positive you’ll have a better experience or reaction to the problem.



Coach Ant


P.S. I’m in France this weekend taking part in Ironman Nice!

And I did say we were going to have a guess my time competition…

So here goes!

To enter, just head to Facebook and the RunCamp Page – find the post for this email (it’ll be titled: How Annoying!!) and pop a comment on it!

Thats it.


I’m not going to lie, post event I’ll be shattered, grumpy and in need of Pizza and Ice Cream (my two main weaknesses!)


So I’ll need you to also let me know if your guess was close (i.e. within 10 minutes) so that it narrows down the options!


Free T-shirt to the closest guess to sweeten the deal!

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