How do you relax?

25 Apr How do you relax?

Massive congratulations to everyone who took part in The London Marathon and The ABP Southampton Half Marathon and 10k, what an amazing day for running.

The email inbox was full of fantastic stories and results which I’ve enjoyed reading through this morning.

Especially when you get messages like this one come through:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.21.40

With these events in mind (and of course any other events you might be having a go at), we here at RunCamp thought we’d put together some post event tips to help aid your recovery after yesterdays epic achievements.


Firstly, it’s really important to look after yourself in the first 3 days post event. As an example, after a marathon your immune system can be compromised for up to 3 days so it’s important to eat healthy and nutrient rich food.

Include natural carbohydrates and protein to help repair muscle damage, as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables to get a good dose of vitamins to help boost your immune system.

As well as nutrition, it’s important to rehydrate in the days post event. You will have pushed your body hard and sweated quite a lot (even the ladies!), so its recommended to sip water regularly for a couple of days post event.


Secondly, it’s a great idea to keep moving and try and fit in a short walk or run in the couple of days after an event, it’ll help your legs recovery and stop you feeling stiff.

Often the worst thing you can do is sit still – this will make the stiffness worse as the blood isn’t pumping around the body to get rid of the nasty toxins.

One of the best ways to help reduce achy and fatigued legs is to have a Sports Massage within the first week post event. This will help ease the symptoms of DOMS (Nerd term for Delayed Onset of Muscular Soreness which is just the achy legs you might be feeling right now), reduce your injury risk for when you are ready to start running again, as well as provide some greatly deserved relaxation after your efforts on race day and give you a great psychological boost.

[For bookings email and we’ll get you booked in and feeling great!]


Speaking of a psychological boost……..chances are you are going to be on Cloud 9 for a few days post event, feeling really chuffed with yourself for completing the challenge you had set yourself, talking proudly to your friends about the race itself and showing off your glorious medal.

Now is the best time to start thinking about your next challenge…

Another race…

Targeting a PB next time…?

Maybe thinking about better preparation, a different training plan…?


Wanting to improve your running technique? (Why not check out our Level One Courses starting this week, hit reply and put in the email LEVEL ONE and we’ll send the details over)


So, to recap then:


  • Sip water regularly throughout the days after your event


 Look after yourself

  • Eat healthy and nutrient rich foods and rest well for 3 days post event
  • Natural carbs and protein to help repair muscle damage
  • Fruit and veg to give you a good dose of vitamins to help boost your immune system


Recovery walk/run

  • Short walk/run in the couple of days post event
  • Help reduce stiffness
  • Maybe use a bike as an alternative to running.


Sports Massage

  • Book one asap! Its best to have one within the first week post event
  • Reduce achy and fatigued legs
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Recover quicker


Look to your next challenge

  • Book your next event (we highly recommend The New Forest Marathon running events in September)



Coach Ant


P.S. Lindsey is filling up this week for Post Event Massage, with only 5 spaces left for this week they won’t last long, bounce an email to and she’ll get right back to you.


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