How Ed Sheeran can help you run faster

20 Nov How Ed Sheeran can help you run faster

I’m no big celebrity stalker, but this one cropped up on my radar the other day.


Ed Sheeran singing and dancing…


A here and now video this isn’t however, this is Ed way before the glitz and the glamour.


The link at the end of this will take you to a video of Ed singing terribly!


BUT… Theres a big thing we can all take from this. Me too in fact.


I have dreams of being able to play the guitar, I’m miserable. I’ve never taken action on trying to learn. I look at someone like Ed, and think:


“I’d love to do that, it must be so easy to be naturally talented like him”


But the video shows it is nothing to do with natural talent.


Dedication, hard work, trial and error, consistency…

Took him from frankly awful to certainly one of my most listened to albums.


So the moral of the story, if you want it badly enough, its a long slog, its not easy, it takes time and practise but you can achieve whatever you set out to do.

It has very little to do with natural talent and everything to do with how you apply yourself.

^^ Maybe thats a bit controversial… We might not be able to make Olympic marathon runners from scratch, but we can definitely help anyone make progress.

At the end of the day – this is exactly what we’d all like to see.

If you need a hand along the way just reach out to me via an email or Coaching Call. More than happy to chat through what you are currently stuck with and what you can do to break through.


But not for singing or guitar lessons. I reckon I’m worse than this version of Ed:




Coach Ant


P.S. Had a great email from someone this week who has joined our groups and has made some incredible progress, more on this tomorrow and a few secrets on why they have made such improvements.

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