I did it without even realising!

21 Nov I did it without even realising!

We’ve been talking in the Run365 group about habits.

Mostly nutritional habits – and Lindsey has put together a Free 7 day Challenge for anyone who like to get involved (you can join at any time).

It’s a simple start and it really makes you appreciate the complexity of habits. 

The things we do on a daily basis that dictate our day. 

For me, when I get tired, or feel knackered. I head for coffee. 

But actually that’s just what I have conditioned myself to think. 

I can reasonably easily make the switch and reach for a glass of water. 

And the same things happen across everything we do. 

Go out for a run? 

Well then you’ll probably start with 5 minutes or so of easy jogging whilst you are getting warmed up. 

When maybe you could try some mobility work at home – some legs swings, squats and lunges for a couple of minutes to get the blood flowing (things we cover in our RunCamp Level One Course starting in January). 


These seemingly minor changes can overtime have a dramatically positive effect. 

Especially once we start stringing a couple together (which will happen in Lindsey’s challenge). 

Then, like some of our current crop of Level One runners who have now developed a fantastic habit of warming up (properly) for a run each time – “without even realising it”.

Then… we can start looking into other positive tweaks we can make 🙂 


Coach Ant. 

P.S. Habits are there to be challenged, even if you think you’ll never be able to change, it just takes a touch of willpower and possibly a nudge in the right direction 😉 

So why not have a go at Lindsey’s challenge as a starting point: https://runcamp.co.uk/home/7dayhabit


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