I don’t have time for this.

finding time to run

29 Jul I don’t have time for this.

“Ant, I’d love to be a better runner but I just don’t have the time”


And I totally understand – Life comes first, work comes first and kids come first (if you have them!) and time is hard to find.


So I thought I’d come up with a few key strategies to help you out.


And even if you aren’t time poor, then I am positive some of these key tips will help you squeeze an extra session in or give you some different ideas.


1. I’m going to kick off with structure


Your sessions at the moment might be your biggest problem. You might have your heart set on running a set distance for each session you do.


I’ve been guilty in the past of thinking… “I only have 30 minutes, theres no point running for that long, by the time I’ve warmed up it’ll be over”


However, thinking like this is a poor excuse.


A good 10 minute warm up into a 15 minute tempo run and a 5 minute cool down will be the perfect alternative.

Trying to add in some higher intensity work in those short windows are a sure fire way of getting the heart rate up and leave you feeling like you’ve had a much more productive time.


2. Next is Combo Runs

We know we should be doing strength work (if you are a regular reader then you definitely should!).

But strength work means finding and dedicating even MORE time to running/exercise.

So why not combine the sessions together.

Have a go at this session (taken straight from a Level 2 session – minus the kettlebells we use!)


Warm Up
5-10 minute jog

Main (Repeat whole set 3 times)
15 x Glute Bridges
15 x Push Planks
15 x Squats
15 x Side Plank (hip lifts)
15 x Reverse Walking Lunges
– Run 500m around 5k pace.

Cool Down
5-10 minute jog.


3. Technique

Well, you probably should have guessed this one was coming!

Spending time working on your technique is one of the best bang for your bucks (and by bucks, I mean minutes…)

Yes, it takes time to refine what you are doing. And often it means analysis and discussion with someone like me.

But honestly – spending one session per week focusing on WHAT you are doing rather than just DOING is a fast track to improvement.

It’ll also ensure that if you tire during an event, you’ll be able to notice whats changing and be able to put it right – we call it running in tune with your body.

We cover technique in Level One (Early Bird Ending Soon) and also in our recently revamped Running Assessments.


4. Consistency of training

My favourite… And its the one that rewards all runners.

I tried this back in January when the RunCamp RUN365 group had their run or do something everyday challenge.

So instead of my usual 5-6 days of exercise (swim, bike, run or gym), I did one of the aforementioned activities 7 days, I also upped the frequency of my runs but dropped down the mileage of each one.


The results? 


Well, I didn’t do any events to compare (except grabbing a new Half Marathon and 10k pb a few months later in March), but the frequency gave me a lot of confidence and I felt a lot stronger running too.


Quite the opposite to that feeling of missing a week of running and having to start back (it’s horrible!) I just felt in the zone the minute I headed out the door.



I’m planning on getting back into more frequent running again, the short sharp sessions seem to suit me really well rather than the long distance work I have been doing this year.


We all have our own preferences, which is what makes running great.



Coach Ant.


P.S. I mentioned Level One Early Bird is ending soon. So make sure you hit the link and secure your place before the prices go up.

Plus we are also throwing in plenty of extras to make this the best running course you’ll do:

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– Plus discounts on a wide range of our other running specific services (such as 121 video analysis, sports massage and training plans)


Hit reply, or email info@runcamp.co.uk if you have any other questions and we will get right back to you.

Ant is the creator of RunCamp. Everyday his goals are to educate, motivate and inspire runners and triathletes to make themselves better than they were yesterday.

Running in his eyes is a journey, and through his coaching he aims to make everyone’s journeys more enjoyable.

As well as running, you’ll find Ant regularly taking part in triathlons, from sprint distance up to full Ironmans.

He also has a big weakness in the forms of Papa John’s pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so if you ever want to get an easier session, thats one way to get one!


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