I invite you to hit me

07 Mar I invite you to hit me

Apologies straight off the bat for that typo in the headline.


I put HIT me, when actually I meant HIIT. And I also meant to write HIIT WITH me 😉


It’s definitely on topic at the moment, a lot of people are talking about the benefits of HIIT.


HIIT meaning: High Intensity Interval Training.


The concept is that 15 minutes of HIIT training can provide a whole host of benefits.


Here are four quick benefits as to why you should be thinking about including a HIIT routine or two in your weekly plan:


 – You’ll burn a LOT of calories

It’s been shown that short and intense bursts of activity really raise your calorie burn, this is something which can be a beneficial addition for any runner because as great as running is, your body will adapt to the challenge and become very efficient at it. This is why we have so many conversations with runners who start running, lose a fair amount of weight but then notice this progress plateau off.

 – Only a short amount of time required

Yep, it’s darn time efficient, often a quick workout can be done in 10-15 minutes, add in prep time (finding that gym mat and filling a bottle of water) and time for a shower afterwards, you are done and dusted in under 30 minutes… Unless you treat yourself to a long shower of course!

 – Your metabolic rate (your calorie burn after exercise) rockets for hours post exercise. 

This one is HUGE when it comes to weight loss, if we can keep you burning calories for longer post exercise, you’ll lose more weight – assuming of course your nutrition is on track too (we can help with this in the TLR90 program)

 – Improve muscle strength which will help improve running speed/strength.

This is probably my favourite point, as right now strength is right up there on my list of priorities. I’m currently cutting down my training hours and aiming to become more time efficient, as a result I’ll be including a lot more HIIT sessions. For all runners though, we want to ensure they keep strong especially as they become more experienced and potentially begin to up their distances. Strength is proven to reduce risk of injury too, so if we can master this in under 15 minutes, then this is a win in my books.


And there are many more benefits which have been scientifically tested too.


“Thats all great Ant, but why are you telling us this?”

I’m getting to that… 🙂



I’m currently creating some runner specific HIIT routines.


As part of my research and questioning for the RunStrong Workshop this Saturday it’s clear runners want something quick and easy to follow.

(Tickets are almost sold out for Saturday by the way…)


But HIIT routines can easily be fitted into a 10 minute window – like some of the strength workouts we’ll be covering on Saturday.


The key difference?


The strength workouts we have designed in a way that will:

 – Activate certain muscles for running,

 – Strengthen key muscles (and we have created clear sets for each of those categories) or

– Mobilise/aid flexibility.


With HIIT –  the only aim of the game is getting the heart rate up and making you work hard, importantly keeping things varied and exciting.


I’ll be sending out a few of these routines out on social media very soon, but many of them will be reserved for the next TLR90 (The Lean Runner 90) program that we’ve been perfecting and tweaking for the next release in April.


Until then, check out the RunStrong Workshop or why not sign up for the FREE 7 day healthy nutrition habit training we have created as a starting point to The Lean Runner Program, this will also ensure you are one of the first people to find out about the new course when it goes live too.



Coach Ant





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