“If hell exists… This is it!”

09 May “If hell exists… This is it!”

I wanted to start with a few well done’s today.


Firstly to a man who doesn’t shout and scream his progress but has had a fantastic year so far in running and yesterday in cycling (yes… RunCamp Online plans do cover both! 😉 )

Paul Eves, who covered the hardest Sportive in the UK, mere weeks after running a new Half Marathon Pb too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.57.33

Quite simply summed up in one sentence!



The other congratulations goes to Sam Aplin, who won the female wave at the Portsmouth Duathlon on Sunday.

Sam came to find me last year for online coaching as she heads towards the World Duathlon Championships in Spain later in June.



^^ Pretty sure thats a smile there too!


Both of these examples have my upmost respect.


They (like me) understand the benefits of having someone there to ask for advice. Someone to guide them, to talk to when they are having an ‘off’ day (we all get them) and to keep an eye on what they are up to  – probably the least focused on point but one of the most important.


There are so many times I wake up and think about skipping a run. And if I didn’t have someone there to keep an eye on me I’d sleep through that alarm.


I know, because it is exactly what I used to do.

I was an absolute sucker for something called Short Term Pleasure – it was easier to stay in bed and skip that run.


But in the Long Term, I would suffer. At events I wouldn’t improve, and I would become frustrated.


Now though, I understand that Short Term Pain is just that. Short term.


If I just push on through this short term, I know that Long Term I will be happier, more content and be able to enjoy what I do more.


And that at the end of the day, should be what we all aspire towards… Enjoyment…


So a huge well done to the two above, as well as anyone else who ran (or cycled) at the weekend.




Coach Ant.


P.S. Couple of things…


We only have 4 places left for the Tuesday evening RunCamp Level One in September after a huge take up from the Southampton Running Sisters (can’t wait to meet you all!)

Early Bird Bookings available here: https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0000B1SEDS8P

Courses start in September, either Tuesday 13th (6:30pm) or Friday 16th (6:30am).


P.P.S. Had some questions over the weekend regarding Running Assessments –

“Is it better to have a Running Assessment or join the 12 week running course?”

In short… If you want to have a fully bespoke running analysis, including sit down chat with a coach to go through everything YOU can improve, then a Running Assessment will give you all this and more.

If you require the motivation of a group to cover a weekly topic to improve your running, with proven results and very positive feedback. The groups will also work!


If you do have any queries – just bounce an email to info@runcamp.co.uk and we will help you out.




Nothing more… honest 😉










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