I’m a cop out!

03 Feb I’m a cop out!

So last week I spoke about finding your “One Thing” Your big goal for the year. And a couple of people replied and called me out. Which

I will fully put my hands up to and confess. I popped down a goal, but I wasn’t detailed about it. I brushed over the details. There was a reason, genuinely, why I did this. And its all because I don’t want to boast about me. So what I have done so that I am getting involved too is post my goals for all to see in the P.S of this email, so if you don’t want to see my boastful post… Don’t read below

my sign off! But I will turn the table back on you for now. What is your plan for the next few months? Do you have your big target – your “One Thing”? If you don’t but would like to chat about it, we still have openings for our Free Strategy

Calls. A chance to chat running, figure our goals and give you some clarity about what you really want. Alternatively you can just not take any action and hope for the best?But I will warn you that in sport/exercise – Hope is a terrible strategy. I hope to win the lottery… My chances are pretty minimal though 🙁 My very specific “One Thing” is right



\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/




Ant,Lead Coach and Director


​P.S. So… Yeah… Goals… My dream is to make it to Hawaii this year.


In October they host the Ironman World Championships.In order to gain a spot on the start line, you need to qualify at another Ironman event (I’ve entered Ironman Nice in June!)​


There were 4 qualifying places in my age group at Nice in 2015… I’ve heard there will be less this year.




​So I am pinning my hopes on a podium spot in my age group. Looking at the results for last year, I’m going to need to finish my Ironman in around 9:40:00Which means swimming 3.8km in an hour. Cycling 180km (112 miles) in 5:20And running the marathon at the end in 3:00

The above figures leave a bit of space for transitions and any other potential things that could go wrong… which in an ironman could be thousands of variables! So there you go. My Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed goals (SMART). Now there really isnt any hiding!

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