Imperfect Action

28 Oct Imperfect Action

I was bombarded with questions after this post I popped up on Facebook yesterday:



^^The above is true for planning any distance, not just marathons… Thought I’d clear that one up!

It seemed it either rung true with those who agreed, or hit a nerve with those who hadn’t started preparing yet.

In either situation thats great!
(I even had a message of thanks for reminding one runner 🙂 )

I am personally still learning the art of imperfect action, I still find myself hesitating and procrastinating over things I should do.

Waiting for that perfect time.

But what I have started to learn is that taking action anyway isn’t necessarily going to end up badly.

For example, the post above was designed to make you think about preparing, maybe popping pen to paper and marking out what your rough training plan will look like.

Regardless of what distance you are aiming for next year, having a rough plan in place now will reap rewards later on.

Does it matter if its not perfect..?

Not at all, as you still have time to adjust it.

If you wait until Christmas to start thinking about it….

Then (in my opinion) you are starting to leave things a little too late.

The main reason I popped this post up, was that off the back of the Facebook post, I was being asked about the RunCamp January Technique Courses…

You see, these aren’t on the website yet!

Reason is we are currently having a new site built up and I have been waiting for this to be ready before announcing the dates.

However, booking enquires have started coming in.

Just click on the link below to start your application:


Coach Ant

P.S. We’ve mad a few big changes to our courses in 2016, so if you haven’t yet gotten involved, why not fill in the application and see what we have in store!

That link again:



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