Things you can do to improve your training plan (that work)

25 May Things you can do to improve your training plan (that work)

I love sitting down and writing a training plan (nerd alert!), it’s also the most popular part of RunCamp these days and with good reason too.

You have a coach literally on your shoulder every day to ask advice, to discuss your training and to keep you accountable.


The difference it makes is crazy, and I can vouch for this through experience, as “Lazy Ant” is always rearing his head, I have to keep him controlled and I have my own coach to work closely with to make sure he is kept at bay!


But what can you do right now to make your training routine/plan even better. Well here are some thoughts I wrote down recently.


  1. Many runners only think week by week. There’s very little planning for the long term, and if there is, it normally surrounds an event in the distance rather than the training that far ahead.Tip: Break down your year into small chunks, think far away from your main event you should be focusing on your BASE fitness, steady runs, mixed terrain. As you get closer, then start to think about strength, hill reps, tempo runs to start to work on your speed. Then close to your event is where the fun starts. More intervals, top end speed to make sure you are at your PEAK for the big day.
  2. “But what if I put all that time into planning and I just get injured again”. This is always a BIG contributor when it comes to the decision about whether or not to become more training focused. My answer…
    If you spend sufficient time on the preparation for your plan, you’ll reduce your risk of injury hugely. Injury will only occur if you do too much too soon, push the body too far or you add too much volume in your week.Tip: Remember the two key variables: Intensity and Volume when planning. Both play a HUGELY vital part when it comes to steering clear of injuries.
  3. Play to your strengths. If you are someone who LOVES events and the buzz of race day. Enter more events! If you are someone who likes club runs, do them! If you prefer the 5am alarm clock and the early morning sunrise, then do this.
    BUT… Always have a plan in mind.Tip: Prepare your training, and don’t get swept along with the hard club session on a Monday after a race on a Sunday, this will be too much volume and could well be your downfall.
  4. Training Plans are made to be broken… Shock and horror!
    Do you know I’m fine with breaking the rules, if a session is set to be 10km and someone only ran 8km is this a major problem?
    Well it depends on their motivator, if it was because they went for a run with a friend and that was the distance thats fine.
    HOWEVER… If the reason was they just couldn’t be bothered to do the extra 2km… Then that is a problem 😉 Rules are made to be broken, but laziness isn’t acceptable…!Tip: Engage other people in your plans, get them involved in your tough sessions as long as they are a similar pace/ability to you!
  5. Colour code your plans. The software I used (Training Peaks) does this automatically, but if you have written your plan in a spreadsheet or even by hand, use colours to highlight the success of the session.
    If the plan was to run 5k and you did that, highlight the run in green. If you fell short by a significant amount, then give it a red…
    It’s amazing how this little splash of colour motivates you to do the session and that feeling of guilt if you didn’t manage it is often enough to get you out that door and running!


Training Plans are a hugely complex area, and this is just an handful of tips to help out.

We dedicate a whole seminar on our running weekends to help you actually write yours out there and then with the coaches so you can leave with a detailed plan of action!

Check out the page >>here<< for more details on this and we’ll help you create your own master piece of a running plan that is completely bespoke to you!



Coach Ant

P.S. We’ve also created a brochure all about our running weekends which includes a discount code!

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