It’s good to talk

22 Apr It’s good to talk

So Wednesday I said you’d get an insight into me and my personal worries.


Well this is coming up, but wait just one second I’ve got a TWO things to plug first (sorry!)


1) RunCamp Courses start next week (Tuesday Night and Friday Morning in Southampton) limited spaces available. I’m sure I don’t need to keep going on about how great the course is and the results we get >>JOIN HERE<<

2) RunCamps very own Runner’s Massage specialist has a limited diary for next week, with a lot of runners booking in their post event massage after London and Southampton Half, she’s going to be full pretty soon. Email direct for the latest booking times and days to get those legs recovered quicker ( and we’ll get right back to you.




Without further ado… ME


I mentioned Wednesday I’ve been seeing a Therapist.


Well the honesty statement is that this particular Therapist was looking for some sporting projects and I jumped at the chance.

I’m not shy in talking about my personal struggles – nothing major, but things that every runner goes through.


The “I’m not good enough” phases of self talk being one major point.

“Everyone is watching me”

The “fear of failure” and others like it.


Truth is, I experience these on a daily basis, and as I type this message out, I am sat in my hotel room, having just done a recent battle of do I or don’t I run today…


“I can’t do it, it’s too hot (I’m currently in Cyprus before you look out the window and wonder what the heck I am talking about!) I’ll never be able to maintain the pace I want”


I did win this battle but there have been other times I haven’t.


So the main reason why I leaped at the chance was to talk to someone else, see if anything can be done and what I should be doing about it.


It’s good to talk through this kind of thing with someone who really knows whats going on.


I don’t want to give away all of his tips and tricks of the trade (I’m certainly not qualified to be giving advice here!)


But this week I have been documenting all of the occasions I find myself having these thoughts and seeing what they make me feel like. What has happened to bring them on.


Once we have identified them, then we can look at how we can work on them.



So my question to you this week which I have posted up in the RunCamp Facebook Group (free to join if you haven’t already), feel free to answer it on there…


What is it that is really holding you back? HONESTLY.


It’s a private, friendly forum, so be honest, the more honest you are the more I and the other fantastic runners in there can help.


Is it fear of judgement?


Fear of failing?


You tell me.


And lets see if we can find a solution.




Coach Ant.


P.S. If you’d like to meet the guy I have been chatting about above (the Cognitive Behavioural Therapist) he will be having a speaking slot at the RunCamp Weekend in the New Forest.


Just one other value adding feature of the weekend, trying to make your running that bit better.

Check out the weekend here:



AND don’t forget, Level One Course next week… but then you knew that already 😉






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