“I’ve never felt stronger” – words from one of our runners

stronger runner

17 Aug “I’ve never felt stronger” – words from one of our runners

Imagine for a moment, stepping out the door and feeling like a pro running… Stronger, Faster, more confident…


How easy it must be.


But the grass is rarely greener over there and I guarantee each runner has their own struggles and issues.


The same thoughts go through their heads – “can I complete this session”


“Do I want to do this session?”


Which is why when I get an email from a runner, someone who I have worked with for a while, saying that they have never felt stronger or more confident when stepping out the door.

It makes me really proud – Job done.


The big change for this person was the switch from “just running” to putting in some variation in their program.


Stuff like this below:

Stronger running - Bodyweight Rows are no problem for Tessa in our Tuesday Night Level 2 (Thanks Lisa for the Photo!)

Bodyweight Rows are no problem for Tessa in our Tuesday Night Level 2 (Thanks Lisa for the Photo!)


Sometimes we’ll even get out our TRX too…

stronger runner

Suspension training from a tree!

In a nutshell, the more we can challenge you – the more you will improve and the stronger you will become.


Doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t stimulate improvement, it makes you very efficient at doing that one thing.


So we need variation, we need progression. And when you get to that stage where things start to feel easy… We need to find that next gear.


In the famous words of Greg Le Mond…

stronger runner


So don’t worry about those thoughts about not finishing. Fear not about those runs feeling hard – they are supposed to be 🙂

Hard is good – hard is to be embraced.


If it was easy, then the roads would be overcrowded with runners!




Coach Ant


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