Lamborghini’s and Coffee…!?

15 Sep Lamborghini’s and Coffee…!?

Pretty much sums up my morning so far!


I am currently in London for a course the next two days, a course which I have both been looking forward to and worrying about these past 3 months.


To be completely honest with you – it’s cost a fair bit of cash, and my worry is that I’ll either be totally outclassed.


Or I won’t get any benefit from it…


Isn’t weird how you can be worried about both ends of the scale but actually none of the reasons are justified in any way.


It’s just my head making up these reasons!


I deal with things like this with beginner runners all the time – worried that they won’t be good enough.


And I have been giving myself the same treatment over the last few months – Just give it a try… Whats the worst that can happen!


Which does remind me – we are looking at starting a new beginners group in the new year.


I know you are probably reading this thinking “I am not a beginner”


But WAIT…!


Do you know someone who is?


Is there someone you can help out at the start of their journey?


All I ask is that you forward them this email or send them the link to this post…


And who knows they might be interested and get their 2017 off to the best start imaginable.


Oh… and currently we are calling the program… “Can’t Run… Won’t Run…”


It’s literally designed for people who have never ran before.


We are also putting our own little spin on it too – bringing in technique work, strength exercises, accountability (details on this coming) and a few other tricks up our sleeves.


As with all of our courses, it isn’t just a “We say and you do” – We see them as a chance to learn, be entertained and have some fun on the journey too.


The link to register interest is here (more details in October).



Coach Ant


P.S. Don’t forget – if you aren’t a beginner, we have our Open Evening for our Coached Interval Sessions – totally free and your chance to have an awesome workout and see what its all about!

Check out the Facebook Group >>HERE<<

Theres a pub visit too post run if that’ll help sweeten the deal 😉


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