The Lean Runner 90 Programme

Gain Access To Our Proven System That Will Ensure You Are Losing Weight, Creating Healthy Habits And Transforming Your Running In 90 Days.

Here is Mike’s result in just 90 days using the exact system created for TLR90:

“This is very definitely not a diet and should not be viewed as just a way to lose weight. The programme as run by Lindsey is about changing habits which you can continue for life. Lindsey made the programme very supportive and although it is challenging to some concepts I had she made it easy to understand and follow. The support through Facebook from the group and the emails from Lindsey were first class. Did it work – hell yes. Despite being in rehab from an op and only able to follow the habit strand I lost a relatively small amount of weight but the change in my shape was dramatic. I’m sure as I become more active the weight will come off as well. I’d recommend this to anyone.” – Mike

What is The Lean Runner 90?

Previous runners have described the programme as life changing.

Before I go into detail about how this amazing programme has transformed many runners lives, let me ask you a question….

How long have you been trying to:

  • lose weight,
  • run faster,
  • run further,
  • be truly happy,
  • have endless energy for running and
  • feel great about yourself,
  • feel super confident?

Months, years? Maybe 10 years plus?

If you are looking for an efficient and proven way to help with the above – keep reading.

“I began working with Lindsey at the end of 2016 as my weight had been slowly going up & I was feeling lethargic, fed up & generally unhappy with my shape. My daughter’s wedding this summer gave me the motivation to seek out the help I needed to make the necessary changes to my eating habits.

Lindsey has been a great, encouraging, non-judgemental & inspiring coach. She has introduced new eating habits at each fortnightly ‘check in’ & I found these easy to adhere to. Very quickly I noticed that I had more energy & really enjoyed the simple changes to my diet.

After 12 weeks I had lost 1 stone and 1/2 lb & after 6 months I had lost just over 2 stone and it has stayed off over the last 6 months too.

All in all working with Lindsey has been a very positive experience, she has given me the knowledge to eat a more healthy diet & make better food choices which will now be a permanent part of my life.” – Alice

“Following the TLR90 programme has really helped me to understand how to eat a balanced diet and ensure that I’m fuelling runs probably. The programme is really easy to follow and think that it will be easy to use the habits to continue eating healthily going forwards.” – Emma

Hey, I’m Lindsey

I’ll be guiding you through The Lean Runner 90 Programme.

Fresh from graduating with a shiny Sports Science degree, I worked within my local NHS hospital for 5 years. In that time I saw first hand what neglecting your health can lead too, as well as seeing colleagues confused and frustrated with what to eat to lose weight. This is what sparked my interest in nutrition and having delved deep into many books and completing a nutrition course I am now on a mission to help as many people as possible to lead a happy and healthy life without having to go through restrictive diets that lead to misery.

This programme was created to give runners who want to lose weight, a system that is easy to implement, has support every step of the way and doesn’t require restriction and giving up your favourite foods but guarantees results.

Healthy eating, diets and nutrition (whichever term you want to use) can often lead to lots of confusion, as there is so much conflicting advice and information available, how are you meant to know what to believe and who to trust?

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to be super restrictive with what you eat, it means creating some healthy habits that will keep you feeling healthy, energised and ready to run (yes this really can happen!) as well as losing weight, if that is one of your goals.

Hey, I’m Coach Ant

I’ve created the running, strength and mobility plan to give you guidance and structure throughout this programme.

My goals are simple, to educate, motivate and inspire runners to make themselves better than they were yesterday.

We hear from hundreds of runners about how they feel stuck for what to do when it comes to following a training plan, so we have done that for you.

All you need to do is lace up those shoes and head out the door, and I will be there to answer any of your burning questions should you have any.

In my eyes, running is a journey, we want to make your journey more enjoyable.

Outside of running, you’ll find me taking part in triathlons, from sprint distance up to full Ironmans, plus any running and cycling that takes my fancy!

I also have a big weakness in the form of Papa John’s pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream…

We certainly don’t believe in restriction here, but ensuring you can achieve your goals in a healthy way and enjoy the experience at the same time.


The Next Programme Starts On Monday 8th April 2019

Pay Upfront
Single Payment of

Split Payment
Two payments of £150*

*First payment is required to sign onto programme and second payment is due 4 weeks after the first payment


What You Can Expect From The Lean Runner 90?

  • To lose the weight that you have struggled to shift for years without having to starve yourself or constantly switch diets
  • To feel full of energy every day so that you look forward to your runs
  • To develop a strong body that can achieve its full potential
  • To be in control of your eating habits and feel confident in any social situation
  • To create sustainable healthy habits even if you have struggled in the past
  • To continue the Lean Runner way, even when the programme has finished, you won’t need another diet
  • To be educated about all things running and nutrition related so you know exactly what to do for the rest of your life
  • To be confident in your ability to achieve your running goals


Our system guarantees you results over 90 days, here is how it works:



Motivation and the desire to change is high so we start the habit forming process by focusing on two key areas that will make a huge difference over the course of the programme. The exercise plan also kicks off, with an introduction into interval and tempo runs, alongside strength and mobility sessions.



The habit forming process continues with the focus switching to what food to include for a healthy diet which keeps your energy levels high enough to run well but also facilitate weight loss. The exercise plan introduces hill running into the mix, the strength session ramps up and a HIIT session is added.



We consolidate the healthy habits you have formed over the programme and make sure you are ready to leave the programme feeling confident, strong, happy and healthy. The exercise plan ramps up another notch, with mixed intervals and longer tempo sessions added, as well as the final phase of strength and HIIT sessions too.


Access to the private facebook group

Not only do you get TLR90 Habit Based System and TLR90 Exercise Plan but you’ll also get the support of your fellow Lean Runner group members to keep you on track in our private group. Lindsey spends a lot of time in the group answering questions and getting to know everyone, you won’t find this much personal support, accountability or motivation from her anywhere else online and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded runners every day.


We Make It As Simple As Possible

It’s important for this process to be as simple and effective as possible, with weekly emails, bi-weekly tracking and check ins, alongside the private facebook group being at the heart of the programme, TLR90 is easy to implement and fully supported every step of the way.

You won’t be asked to buy the freshest most organic foods or even have to search for rare superfoods to eat. Things are kept simple and easy to ensure that you follow the programme without failing.

Pay Upfront
Single Payment of
Split Payment
Two payments of £150*

*First payment is required to sign onto programme and second payment is due 4 weeks after the first payment


Here’s Everything You Get

  • TLR90 Habit Based System that will help you achieve your weight loss goals (TLR90 is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with dietary allergies/sensitivities)
  • TLR90 Exercise Plan, which includes running, mobility, strength and HIIT sessions (the running sessions have 3 levels available, you can pick the most suitable for you)
  • Regular educational emails with nutrition and running information that explains our current focus
  • Access to TLR90 private facebook group where there will be daily posts full of actionable content
  • Access to TLR90 bi-weekly tracking and check ins
  • Access to Lindsey via the private group and email
  • Access to some of the favourite recipes used at RunCamp HQ
  •  Support and accountability every step of the way


The Programme Is Specifically For Runners Who

  • Want to lose those stubborn pounds that never seem to shift
  • Have tried and failed at every diet and want a sustainable habit based solution
  • Never want to go back to their old ways and want to create healthy habits for life
  • Have an event, holiday or special occasion coming up in a few months and want to look and feel their best, with lasting sustainable results
  • Want to become healthy, happy and lose weight without a restrictive diet
  • Are committed to change, dedicated and ready push themselves to achieve their goals


Who This Programme Is Not For

  • People who want a quick fix and are not prepared to commit and work hard
  • People who won’t accept that what they have been currently doing isn’t working for them and change is required
  • People who want to keep switching between diets and hope that one day one will work long term
  • People who want to lose weight quickly


Money back guarantee

We know the programme works and are confident in the process, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you follow everything we recommend during the programme and fail to get any results, you’ll be able to request a full refund.


What do others say?

  • Basic Plan

  • £97
    • TLR90 Habit Based System
    • TLR90 Exercise Plan
    • Educational emails
    • TLR90 Private Facebook Group
    • Recipes
    • Self tracking
    • All of the content from VIP, perfect for the runner with high motivation but wants the knowledge to help their progress.
Best price
  • VIP Plan

  • £260
    • In depth induction process with personalised nutrition pointers
    • TLR90 Habit Based System
    • TLR90 Exercise Plan
    • Educational emails
    • TLR90 Private Facebook Group
    • Recipes
    • TLR90 bi-weekly tracking and check ins
    • Feedback directly from the Coaches for ultimate accountability
    • Option to email the Coaches for extra support
    • Limited to 8 people ONLY (due to the close contact time).
  • Payment Plan

  • £150
    • In depth induction process with personalised nutrition pointers
    • TLR90 Habit Based System
    • TLR90 Exercise Plan
    • Educational emails
    • TLR90 Private Facebook Group
    • Recipes
    • TLR90 bi-weekly tracking and check ins
    • Feedback directly from the Coaches for ultimate accountability
    • Option to email the Coaches for extra support
    • Limited to 8 people ONLY (due to the close contact time).
    • Split Payment over two equal payments (first payment below)


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