Lessons YOU can learn from the Olympic Games

Olympic Games Rio

15 Aug Lessons YOU can learn from the Olympic Games

What an amazing Olympic Games it has been so far.

I’ve not been one of the dedicated few to stay up until 3am (I need my sleep!)


But I have been setting an early alarm every day to catch up on everything on iPlayer before starting my day.


The thing is…


There has been a common theme developing in many of the interviews about the Olympic Cycle.


This magical 4 years between the Olympics.


And how some athletes can peak at the right time (especially the British Cyclists).

  [Something we focus in on with our Online Coaching Plans to ensure you are race ready].


Whereas the Australian Cycling Team cycled well in the recent World Championships (in the Team Pursuit) but failed to dominate in Rio.


And thats before we get onto the subject of Mo Farah! (What a race!)




As I was saying… (digressed a little with excitement there!)


The olympic cycle.


Is what these athletes all focus on. Its their big driver.


Having a goal in the future is what makes them get up early in the morning, push themselves to the limit all for achieving the ultimate glory.


Which is especially harsh when glory can be lost in hundredths of a second.


But for you and me, things don’t have to be so cu throat!


We can still set our sights on something 4 years from now – the big goal.


That one thing that will drive us each and every day.


So this weeks challenge is for you to find that thing.


This is tough, as I have just been thinking about the same thing for myself!


So I am going to do the same thing this week.


Post up in the RunCamp365 group when you have yours and let me know.




Coach Ant


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