Let me have an “Ahhhhh”

17 Oct Let me have an “Ahhhhh”



Thats all I want today.


You see yesterday, me, Coach Phil and Lindsey put everything into a weekend away with a small group of runners.


This weekend is why there wasn’t a blog post last week – as I was rushing around getting every little thing ready for this event.


If you want to find out more about the weekends – check out the new page about it here and register for 2017: www.runcamp.co.uk/home/runningweekend


Check out more of the photos from the weekend by clicking on the image above


But today is about doing things differently.


I used to believe that being a coach meant being like all the others.


Focusing on telling people what to do and pushing them through hard sessions.


But these weekends have definitely taught me that runners should be worked WITH.


Its never about us telling you what to do.


But US working together to get you closer to where you want to be.


Which is why next years weekends will have more of a focus to them.


With weekends dedicated to Marathon Training.


Ones for families: getting mums, dads and kids involved in running and other activities.


Ones for those aiming to improve their running speed.


Because we are all different and want different things!


And because all of our weekends have small numbers we can really work WITH you and help you towards the result you want to get.


Including our Marathon weekend where I really want to be able to sit with you and help you write your marathon plan!

Thats the kind of detail we will be working to!




Its back to normal service this week and on Wednesday I am going to be talking running cadence – it was a HUGE subject from this weekend – one that the coaches were talking about during our technique sessions and also Emily from Active Step Podiatry said was one of the most important parts of running technique too.


So if thats not enough to convince you to read on Wednesday… I’m not sure what is 😉




Coach Ant


P.S. If you are interested in our weekends, dates for 2017 are being planned right now, and will be released by email first to those who sign up at the following page: www.runcamp.co.uk/home/runningweekend

This will also give you 20% off our 2017 prices and a head start on getting a spot before anyone else.





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