I lost my virginity last night

16 Jun I lost my virginity last night

Running the mile around the track though (did you REALLY think I was going down THAT avenue..! 😉 )

Maybe next week..!

It felt like I was lining up for my first ever event. 

​​​​​​​The butterflies, the worry, the pressure that you place on yourself. 

What if X happens… Or maybe Y? 

​​​​​​​Gosh Y would be awful. 

And if X happened, I’m not sure I’ll ever live it down! 

I know, another trip to the loo will solve everything. 

Or maybe I’ll check Facebook, see what everyone else is up to. 

Is it too late to go home and skip it altogether? 

I don’t think those emotions ever go away, and to expect them to is setting yourself up for failure.

They are natural.

Needing the loo is a primal thing, the body wants to be as light as possible for whats about to come.

The worry/nerves, well they are just elements of self doubt, and the important thing is dealing with them in the right way.

I talk a lot about your WHY – whats your reason for running, I know this is the most powerful factor when the going gets tough.

But I am going to throw another spanner in there too.


Who do you want to be?

And what will the results of doing what you want to do going to be on WHO you want to be.

Running is one of those things that define us.

I train a couple of ladies who almost gave up running, they’d ticked off their goals and thought it was time to find something else.

But they came back.

Because running was what they did. When someone asked them what they did, they always started the conversation with the usual, name, occupation, mum of 2 and so on.

But included with this was the one thing they didn’t want to lose.

“I am a runner”

How I deal with those nervous thoughts and worries will be completely different to you.

I always think about WHO I want to be, and how I want to be perceived.

I want people to think of me as the person who never gives up.

The guy who works hard.

Gives it everything.

But still finishes with a smile (grimace) because he has enjoyed every moment (no matter how dark and low they become!)

So the next time you have any of those self doubts creeping in.

Just think.

WHO do I want to be?

How do you want your friends, family, kids to view you?

And then go out and prove to yourself and them you can be that person.


Coach Ant

P.S. Next week I am hosting a whole FREE webinar on Running Technique! As voted for by YOU on our Facebook Page.

So, tomorrow I’ll be sending out a link to sign up and get involved in this.

You can be sure I’ll be nervous as heck (it’s webinar number three for me) but I’ll be thinking heavily about my WHO for that!

Check the link tomorrow, and that will ensure that even if you can’t make it to watch live, I’ll be able to send you the recording for later viewing.


P.P.S. A huge thanks to all the supporters and especially to Paul Hammond for taking the photo I’ve used for this post, not only taking photos but running in the event too – what a hero 🙂


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